Chewberry by Cosmic Fog

Today, I’m trying out Chewberry by Cosmic Fog Vapors. Cosmic Fog originate from California and have become a huge brand in E-liquids.

Device used: Eleaf iPower and Innokin iSub with 0.5 ohm coil.

Chewberry is described as an unexplainable juicy mouthful of strawberries, sweet passion fruit, and secret blend of tropical delights. All of this flavor packed into a delightfully chewy candy. I have the 10ml bottle in a 30/70 PG/VG.

The 10ml bottle used is quite tough to squeeze on, so can be tricky to get out the last drippings of the E-liquid. It comes supplied in a box with the usual folded sheet of instructions and warnings. The bottle label also gives brief warnings and is well designed with the logo. Each box/label colour is different per flavour.

Smelling from the bottle hits you with a massive fruity overload. I can pick up the passion fruit and slight hint of strawberry. My bottle has had a few weeks steep.

On vaping the eJuice, I get a huge hit of mostly passion fruit flavour. I don’t really taste strong strawberry but you can tell the passion fruit is blended alongside other fruits. It is sweet but not over-sweet and could be vaped all day. I think it is blended really well, but to me, the most predominate fruit taste is the passion fruit. If you like fruity flavours, and mostly, tropical fruity flavours, this is a great juice. It is quite an original e-liquid and haven’t tasted something similar before. It does have a candy/bubblegum undertone in there too. Cloud production is good and what you would expect from a 70VG.

My score: 8/10 – would buy again.

Keep track of the website to see more e-liquid reviews from Cosmic Fog soon.

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