Higgy’s Mango Splash by Higgycigs

The second review today is Higgy’s Mango Splash by Higgycigs. Higgycigs originate from Georgia, US but have a big market in the UK. This is due to regular Vaping Youtube casts they do, as well as great shipping rates to the UK.

Device used: Smok Alien and Smok Baby Beast with a 0.4 ohm coil.

Higgy’s Mango Splash is described as Mango, Cranberry, and Apple make this a sweet, fruity, refreshing vape, sure to hold up to any hot, summer day! I have a 60ml bottle in a 30/70 PG/VG. Being overseas and not governed by TRPR/TPD regs like the EU, you can customise your e-liquid to many different PG/VG ratios and nicotine level. There is also 4 flavour intensity strengths to chose from and different sized bottles. Customising your juice is big business there!

The 60ml bottle is very easy to squeeze. It’s still a tough, and quite a thick plastic bottle, but no problems in getting juice out. Bottles are not in boxes from stock, but the usual warning appears on the bottom of the bottle label, along with details on amounts and when the juice was made in their lab.

Smelling from the bottle gives you a strong smell of Mango and I think I can pick up on some Apple too.

On vaping, you get a strong blast of fruits. The Mango is definitely at the front, but it is blended so well, it creates a flavour of its own. I do get hints of Apple and other fruit thrown in. It is not over sweet (I have the ‘normal’ intensity) and could easily be an all day vape. I’ve had Mango based e-liquid in the past from another vendor and it tasted quite artificial, but I don’t get any artificial flavour with this one at all. I think Mango is a hard juice to get right, so I think Higgycigs cracked it with this. If you like fruity vapes and more so, Mango fruity vapes, this is a winner. Cloud production is good in the chosen 70VG level.

My score: 8/10 – a good buy for Mango Vapers!

Keep track of the website to see more flavours from Higgycigs in the future.

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