Straw High by Dr.Salt Eliquids

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m trying out some Straw High by Dr.Salt Eliquids.  Dr.Salt are slightly different as they use Nicotine salt within their eliquids. It’s described a salt based nicotine E-Liquid which captures the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf to produce a smooth vape without any harsh throat hit. So for this review, I’m going to use a mouth to lung setup.

Device used: Limitless Pulse Re-fillable pod system with the default 1.8 coil.

Straw High is described simply as a delicious Strawberries and cream on their website. I have the 10ml bottle in a 5mg Nicotine salt strength.

The bottle is a tough plastic, though quite easy to squeeze. The label carries all the necessary warnings which you can peel back to read more and all fully TRPR/TPD compliant.

Smelling from the bottle is an all-out strawberries and cream scent, subtle and not over sweet. My bottle has steeped for some weeks so is more than ready to vape.

On vaping the eliquid, it’s a really smooth mouth to lung vape. The strawberries and cream doesn’t taste synthetic, and the flavour is reminiscent of the boiled strawberry and cream sweets. The flavour is by no means really sweet, nor is it too subtle and gives just enough flavour. It’s a basic Strawberries and Cream. The salt does it’s job giving more of a hit quicker so doesn’t need to be over-vaped. Overall, its a great and very smooth juice without harshness on the throat. A great eliquid for those looking to kick a smoking habit, maybe opting for a higher strength in nic salt to stop cravings. Cloud production on the Limitless pulse or MTL device won’t win you any cloud competitions, but it could sure help in stopping smoking pangs.

My score: 7.8/10 – A good juice to help stopping the cigs.

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