RY4licious by Daddy Pig Smoke Juice

Today I’m vaping and reviewing a Tobacco E-liquid. This is RY4licious by Daddy Pig Smoke Juice. Daddy Pig Smoke Juice originate from Belfast, N.Ireland and have many great flavours listed on their website.

Device used: Innokin T18 with 1.5 ohm coil.

The conventional RY4 E-liquid is made up of vanilla tones, Tobacco, Nut and Caramel, and this is Daddy Pig Smoke Juice’s take on it. I have the 10ml sized bottle and now, due to TRPR/TPD, all E-liquids on their website are supplied Nicotine free, so it’s down to the buyer to add Nicotine if you need it. They do though, currently have 3 PG/VG ration’s to choose from. I have my bottle in 30/70 PG/VG mix.

The bottle used is tough but flexible so very easily squeezable, there is no problems getting the liquid into your atomiser. The bottle label carries all the usual warnings, contact info, PG/VG ratio alongside a very clean looking logo and font.

Smelling from the bottle gives a sweet vanilla tobacco scent. My bottle has steeped for some weeks after adding some Nicotine.

On vaping the juice, its a great blend of Tobacco, vanilla and nuttiness. RY4’s have been around for ages, but this one doesn’t have that synthetic taste to it, like a lot of others have. It’s very well blended, quite sweet, but very smooth. It’s described on the Daddy Pig Smoke Juice website as “Some people say it’s not much like a cigarette, but my goodness, doesn’t it feel a bit like having one?” – To me, this isn’t far wrong! This is a great substitute if you’re looking to get off the cigs! To me, this is a must in a mouth to lung device. It’s smooth and not massively over-sweet, so easy to be used as an all day vape. Cloud production is good as my bottle is 70VG (at least for a MTL device) but this juice, isn’t for blowing big clouds; it’s to re-create that cigarette taste!

My score: 8/10 – A great juice for cutting down or quitting the cigs if you’re still wanting that smokey taste.

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    Really good review mate, well done

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