Coney Cake by Liquid State

Today I’m reviewing Coney Cake from Liquid State Vapors. Liquid State are a huge name in E-liquid originating from the USA, I don’t find many vaper’s that haven’t tried at least one of their flavours.

Device used: Smok Alien and Geekvape Tsunami with 0.4 coil build.

The juice is described as topped with powdered sugar and a rich vanilla bean ice cream, finished off with scoops of sweet berry compote, made from fresh strawberries and ripe summer blueberries. My bottle is in 10ml in a 30/70 PG/VG mix.

The bottle is supplied in a small cardboard box with the warning sheet inside. All the contents carry the necessary warnings to abide by TPD/TRPR regulations. The bottle is tough so could prove hard getting the last bit of liquid out of the nozzle. The label in red includes the warnings alongside the Liquid State logo.

Smelling from the bottle gives off a very sweet mixed berry scent with sugar. This bottle was only received yesterday but nicely steeped from being at the vendor’s storage.

On vaping, my first impressions are that it is massively sweet. There is plenty of both Strawberry and Blueberry flavour and a sugar/frosted type note over the top. The vanilla is blended in with the fruits too. It’s a very strong desert type flavour which I normally like, but for my type of vaping, I find it quite over-powering. It’s an instant hit of all the flavours and not muted in any way. It’s definitely not an all day vape for me. If you watch or read a lot of reviewers, you always hear that old cliche ‘taste is subjective’,  it is definitely true in this Eliquid taste for me. There is no disputing with Liquid State’s reputation, that this is a popular juice and many may love it, but I just find it too over-sweetened.

My score: 6/10 – If you like your ejuice sweet, this is for you!

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