Strawberry Cake Batter by Tmaxx’s No Frills Ml’s

Today I’m reviewing some Strawberry Cake Batter from the Tmaxx’s No Frills Ml’s range. The No Frill’s Ml’s line is sold on the Vaping Watch website. Vaping Watch originate from North Carolina, US and offer worldwide shipping, with good deals to the UK.

Device used: Smok Alien and Baby Beast tank with 0.4 ohm coil.

This E-liquid is described as ‘Remember when mom would make a cake and let you lick the spoon? Well, she just made a wonderful strawberry cake and this is the spoon’. Being US based and not governed by TPD/TRPR regulations, bottles come in 30ml or 120ml size. Also with 5 nicotine strengths and 3 PG/VG ratio to best suit you. As cost is kept low, you can select to add a dropper cap or an alternative Unicorn bottle. The juice is supplied in glass bottles by default. To keep cost low, the label is quite plain, though still including warnings, ratio and the Tmaxx and Vaping Watch logo. Who vape’s labels anyway?

I’ve done some calculations with the current exchange rate to UK, well, okay, Google done it for me! So 6 bill’s ($6) for 30ml’s is £4.56 (add 38p to that if you want the dropper cap) so that is pretty much a third of normal price for UK juice. Shipping is $22 for up to 8 x 30ml bottles, so that is £16.71. It’s actually much more cost effective to order more juice if UK based. 8 x 30ml bottles including carriage would come out as £53.19. 240ml for that price, in glass bottles, is a good deal!

So what’s this juice like? Smelling from the bottle is a deep Strawberry and a Cakey type scent. The juice has steeped well in this bottle so good to go.

On vaping, it tastes exactly what it claims to be, Strawberry Cake Batter. The Strawberry isn’t at all over sweet and blends well with the Cake Batter taste. For an E-liquid business to keep costs low with plain labelling, there is nothing low cost about the taste of this juice. It is generous with flavour but not an over-sweet tone, so could easily vape this all day. The Batter taste is very clear and blends well with the Strawberry. It’s quite a unique tasting juice and would order again.

My score: 9/10 – A good juice that is what it claims to be!

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