Spoiled Milk by Strange Fruit Liquids

Today I’m having a review on Spoiled Milk by Strange Fruit Liquids. I have the 100ml bottle with 80ml shortfill e-liquid so you can add your nicotine or nicotine shot separately. For the purpose of review, I am keeping it at 0mg.

Device used: SX Mini G Class with Aspire Cleito Exo and 0.4 ohm coil.

The bottle is a chubby unicorn bottle with a well designed label covering most of the bottle. It’s quite easily squeezable so not too many problems getting the juice into the tank or RDA. At the side of the bottle label, is the warnings, nutritional facts and ingredients. E-liquid ratio is also listed and this is in a 20/80 PG/VG.

This e-juice is described on the Redjuice website as a smooth and creamy Key Lime milkshake.

On smelling from the bottle, I get a lot of a cream scent with some lime. The lime is subtle on scent and not overpowering the creams.

On vaping, it is a really smooth vape full of cream and Lime. Alike the scent, the Lime is not overpowering or too bitter or sweet and sits at the front complimenting the creams. I’m not blasted with all different flavours thrown into the mix, so this is good enough for an all day vape for me. It’s a well rounded juice and one of the best Key Lime flavours I have vaped before, making me want to try out the other flavours in it’s line. It’s simply a very well put together Key Lime Milkshake. Cloud production is great at an 80VG ratio.

My score: 8.5/10 – A great Key Lime vape; If Lime is your thing, give it a go!

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