Higgy’s Last Straw by Higgycigs

Today we’re going to have a vape on another from the Higgycigs line of juices. This is Higgy’s Last Straw (or The Last Straw) from Higgycigs. Higgycigs are based in Atlanta, USA and offer really good rates of shipping to the UK and worldwide. The E-liquid is greatly priced and is made to order, so you know it’s not been picked off a shelf where it’s sat for months. Shipping to the UK takes approximately 7 days.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Uwell Crown 3 with 0.4 ohm coil.

This juice is described as a rich, creamy vanilla and strawberry flavouring that will leave you licking your lips and reaching for the champagne! I have this in a 60ml bottle but you can order any size from Higgy’s of 10ml upwards to a litre. As they are not governed by TPD EU regulations over in the US, you can order any size, any PG/VG ratio and a lot of nicotine levels by an easy dropdown select on their website. The bottle is easily squeazable but still tough enough, with warnings and creation date listed on the label alongside the logo. I ordered this bottle in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio.

On smelling from the bottle, I get a very vanilla scent alongside a ripe strawberry. This, to me, isn’t an all-out Strawberry cream or milkshake type scent, but more a Vanilla Custard with Strawberries.

On vaping, it’s a very nicely mixed Strawberries and Custard. Both flavours are mixed perfectly to blend. The vanilla isn’t too potent to drown out the Strawberry taste and vice versa. Another option at Higgycigs is to choose your strength of flavour. I opted for the ‘normal’ version as I prefer my vape not too overpowering thus making it an easy all day vape. For me, this is perfect for that. There is just enough flavour in this to not be over sweet, but enough to get a great taste of the ripe Strawberry blended with a creamy Vanilla Custard. At least for me, this is not a Strawberry Milkshake flavour, but more of a ‘Pink Custard’. It seems to be very popular on their website and after vaping it, you can see why! If you like both Strawberry and Vanilla, this is worth a go! Cloud production is good at 70VG and I don’t think this bottle will last me long.

My Score: 8.4/10 – A great Pink Custard and up there compared to others of the same profile.

Keep track of the blog for more E-liquids from Higgycigs coming soon (there is some great Desert flavours coming up)

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