Choccywoccymoo by Decadent Vapours

Today I’m going to review an e-liquid from UK company ‘Decadent Vapours’. This is one from their new range. This is Choccywoccymoo by Decadent Vapours. This is a first review on here for a Chocolate-based juice so will be interesting to see how this goes.

The company are from Swansea in Wales and have a lot of awards to their name, as listed on the website. They have been trading for some years and pride on high quality tested e-liquid. I had a juice in 2016 from them called ‘Love Potion’ which was based on the Love Hearts sweets, and was a really good e-liquid!

Device used : Asmodus Minikin V2 and Geekvape Pearless RDA with 0.4ohm coil.

The juice is described on their website as a ritzy rich, hot chocolatey, milky river – sprinkled with the flotsam of velvety marshmallows. The bottles from this range are in 60ml shortfill format in High VG or 50/50 base and nicotine shots in a 3 or 6mg, that you add to make up the mix. The packaging is really good. The bottle is supplied in a box with a great steampunk-type design. The bottle has the same matching label. All the relevant information is listed on both the bottle and box, such as the flavour description, ingredients and contact details. The box also lists directions on how to add the nicotine shot. The e-liquid is supplied in easy squeeze-able unicorn bottles so no problems getting juice out the nozzle. This bottle is in the High VG mix.

On smelling from the bottle it is a really deep Chocolate scent. It’s exactly as if you’ve just made a fresh cup of hot chocolate. I can also pick up on quite a sweet Marshmallow. It does smell amazing, sweet but very authentic. The actual e-liquid has to be one of the darkest coloured e-liquids I’ve seen! 🙂

On vaping, the taste is as equally good! A very deep Chocolate topped with some Marshmallow flavour. If you could vape a good quality Hot Chocolate, this is exactly that! It’s not over-sweet  and the Marshmallow compliments the flavour of the Chocolate, without either getting drained out by the other. Chocolate seems a very hard flavour for some e-liquids, but Decadent have taken this to a new level; It’s so authentic and smooth. It’s a very good juice and the flavour seems as high quality as the well designed packaging. Cloud production is good in the high VG. To me, the flavour profile doesn’t make it an all day vape (unless you can drink Hot Chocolate all day) but it’s something to add to your daily flavours for sure.

My score: 8.8/10 – Decadent Vapours nailed a really good Chocolate vape! Chocoholics that vape, this one’s definitely got your name on it!

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