It’s a Trifle by Decadent Vapours

Today I’m doing a review and vaping on the last in the line of six new flavours by Decadent. This one is ‘It’s a Trifle’ by Decadent Vapours. This review completes, from what’s been so far, an amazing range of E-liquids. Decadent Vapours are from Swansea in the UK and have a massive range of E-liquids available on their website. The liquids are fairly priced and they ship worldwide. They have won awards as voted by on ecigclick for their great service, value and flavours of juices.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Geekvape Peerless RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

As the others in this range, all the bottles are in 60ml shortfill. You are supplied with 40ml of juice, as well as bottles of VG and Nicotine shot, which you top up to make 60ml of liquid. Options are 50/50 PG/VG or High VG and Nicotine strengths in zero, 3 and 6mg. Like the rest of this range, the artwork and detail to the packaging and bottle label is amazing. The box includes directions on adding the top-up liquids as well as storage, Decadent’s info, Flavour profile and ingredients. The bottle label also covers some of this information alongside the design. This E-liquid is described on the Decadent website as juicy peach slices in a raspberry & strawberry jelly, all topped with a dollop of custard, rich whipped cream and sprinkles. This bottle is in the High VG option.

On smelling from the bottle and while dripping on the wicks, there is a really deep Peach scent with some other fruit in the background. There is also some creaminess to it. As far as being a Trifle, it definitely smells like one!

On vaping, it’s a blast of Fruit alongside some Creaminess. The Peach is more prominent, but can also taste the Raspberry thrown in with Strawberry in the background. The cream compliments the fruits very well with just the right mix. Some of the creaminess is coming from the ‘dollop of Custard’ but there is no strong Vanilla taste to it, just a pleasant Cream-based Custard. There is serious sweetness to this one but it is a very authentic tasting Trifle. Again, another juice that Decadent have got spot-on, although sweet, the blend between the flavourings is perfect, making a really moreish vape. Cloud production is good in the High VG.

My score: 8.7/10 – A really great tasting Trifle-mix. If you like juice sweet, packing flavour, this is a definite.

To sum up the range

With this being the last E-liquid review of six in this range, I thought I’d give some thoughts on the overall range.

It’s clear that Decadent Vapours have put some serious thought into this line. The packaging artwork is amazing and definitely grabs the attention. The high quality of that packaging, matches the juice in the bottles.

Some juice out on the market is mixed with one to two concentrates and then thrown out as a money-maker! This Decadent range is clearly not that! The thought and work that has gone into mixing these flavours is evident on vaping. Each flavour tastes very unique and tastes exactly what it claims to be. It’s in no way harsh at all and each is a very smooth vape, blended really well within each flavouring.

I don’t talk about price around the website, as the market can change, but this range is very competitively priced. Each flavour is £17.95 (there is a special deal on right now at £14.95) and this includes the extra bottles to top up Nicotine and base mix.

My personal favourite from the range has to be the Lemon Puff, but there isn’t a bad flavour at all within the other five liquids. I’ve enjoyed reviewing this range and is definitely some of the best E-liquids I’ve tasted.

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