Smooth Forbidden Peach by Vape Dodo

Today, we’re doing a review on something released at the back end of last year from a UK Company. This one is Smooth Forbidden Peach by Vape Dodo London. Vape Dodo currently have 5 E-liquids in the line and we have 4 of these to review. They originate from London, UK and despite being a new company, they already have become a reputable and popular name for their E-liquids.

The bottle is 10ml and supplied in a small box. The attention to detail on both the box and bottle label is really good. A lot of thought has gone into the artwork and theme of this range. Printed alongside the design on the box is information including warnings, Vape dodo’s contact info and ingredients. There is also a batch number and expiry date on the bottom of the box. The bottle label also has all this info printed alongside the Vape Dodo logo and theme. It is rigid plastic but easily squeezable to get juice out the nozzle and also has a child safety cap. This range is in 10ml with Nicotine strengths at 0mg, 3mg and 6mg and there is also a 50ml short-fill option in 0mg Nicotine. This E-liquid’s flavour profile is Creamy Yoghurt & sweet Peaches. Vape Dodo have put together a small story-like description to match the theme of the range (I’ll add a picture at the bottom of review). PG/VG ratio is in their default 20/80.

On smelling from the bottle and while dripping up the wicks, it’s a big blast of strong creamy Peach scent.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Geekvape Peerless RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

On vaping, it is a very well blended Peach Yoghurt. It is a sweet one, but not overly done and the Creamy Yoghurt taste mixes brilliantly with a deep Peach taste. It tastes authentically like a Peach Yoghurt you’d buy in the shops, not a crap one, but a more expensive one. It is clear that Vape Dodo have put as much thought into this juice, as the theme and design that presents it. One thing that needs to be noted is the after-taste of the juice, it’s probably the longest lasting after-taste of any juice I’ve tried. Not a synthetic after-taste, but one you’d get after actually eating a Peach Yoghurt. Cloud production is great at 80VG. It’s definitely a buy-again juice and has restored my faith in Yoghurt based E-liquids.

My score: 8.8/10 – A perfect Peach Yoghurt vape!

Vape Dodo currently have the price set at £4.99 for 10ml and £14.99 for the 50ml short-fill. Links within the first paragraph of the review. Thanks for reading.

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