Bravo RTA by Wotofo

Today we’re going to take a break from juice and dip back into another Hardware review. This is the Bravo RTA by Wotofo. Wotofo were founded in 2012 and originate from Shenzhen, China and make some quality Atomisers and mods. Their products can be purchased at any quality vape shops and online retailers.

The Bravo is a 25mm dual coil RTA with bottom banked airflow. The RTA comes in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Rainbow, Gunmetal and Gold colour options. Inside the box contains a lot. There is the main tank with a removable coloured 810 resin drip tip, spare glass, a larger bubble glass and a 810 to 510 drip tip adaptor. Under the foam in the box, there is more accessories. There are 3 sealed packs containing spare O-rings, screws, clamps for the deck, cotton and coils. There is also the manual in many languages, a screwdriver to screw in the clamps and a Wotofo giveaway info card. The box is in lime green with the Wotofo design on the top. There is a scratch for authenticity check on the side, and the bottom contains information on what’s included in the box and Wotofo’s contact information.

The RTA has a screw out top cap for juice filling and the deck screws out from the bottom below the glass. The deck is a little different with clamps on the posts to hold in the coils, which are tightened at the top by philips screws. There are 6 holes in the deck, 4 for cotton and 2 large airflow holes. The airflow is a 90 degree flow form from the deck, with adjustable openings for air intake on the base. Tank capacity is 4.5ml with default glass, and adding the bubble glass bumps it up to 6ml, so plenty of room for juice. The height of the RTA is 48.9mm and diameter is 25mm.

Coiling up the deck can be a little fiddly on the clamps, but quite easy to hold in the coils with finger and thumb, while tightening the screws with the other hand. I opted to add a little more cotton than usual to compensate quite large wicking holes. To alleviate over-wicking, I didn’t stuff the cotton deep into the wicking holes and let it just sit below the holes.

Screwing the base back in is easy without any walkabout o-rings, and filling the tank is just as easy by unscrewing the top cap. There is a huge area to squeeze in the juice under the top cap, so no problems getting any juice bottle nozzle in there to fill. The RTA gives a really good vape. The flavour is produces is amazing, as well as great cloud production. The resin drip tip is comfortable to use and the tank doesn’t get hot (though am not vaping at super high wattage with it). The drip tip adaptor comes in use if you want to switch out for a 510 size. The air flow design works really well and isn’t over whistley compared to some other RTA’s on the market. All in all, one of the best RTA’s I’ve used.

My score:
Flavour: 8.9/10
Cloud production: 8.8/10
Ease of Coiling: 8.4/10
Design: 8.8/10
Accessories supplied: 9.2/10

Prices of the Wotofo Bravo range from $36 and around £30 UK. It is definitely an RTA worth getting!

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