Vanilla Custard by The Custard Company

Today we’re vaping on a Custard E-liquid, this one is Vanilla Custard by The Custard Company. The Custard Company originate from the UK and their E-liquid range is predominantly made up on Custard (and Custard Donut) flavours. There is another few lines that are fruity E-liquids. The website says that this Custard flavour took 3 years to perfect, so there seems to have been some serious tweaking to get this how it tastes.

There is a few options on bottle sizes. There is the TPD compliant 10ml bottles, sold boxed in 3 x 10ml. Nicotine options are in 3mg and 6mg. There is also the popular short-fill bottles in 60ml size at zero Nicotine. With 50ml of E-liquid in the bottle, you can top up with Nicotine or VG shot. The ratio of the mix is 30PG/70VG. The version I am reviewing is in the 10ml bottles. The bottle has a child safety screw cap and although the bottle is in tough plastic, its fairly easy to squeeze to get juice out of the nozzle. The labelling has The Custard Company logo with splodges of Custard on the design. There is the usual warnings on the label, as well as contact info and expiry date of the E-liquid.

Their website describes this flavour as satisfy your taste buds with our Vanilla Custard E-liquid! A smooth velvety rich custard with a splash of vanilla to give you a satisfying all day vape. Our in-depth steeping process provides the best vanilla flavour! Over the years, I have tried some good and bad Custard liquids and it seems a tough flavour to nail down, so am keen to see how this one vapes. On smelling from the bottle and while dripping up the wicks, it’s a really authentic creamy Vanilla Custard scent. Some Custard E-liquids smell quite strange but this is definitely a rich sweet Custard on the scent.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Geekvape Peerless RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

On vaping, it’s a very well balanced and smooth, straight-up Vanilla Custard. The Vanilla isn’t overdone like in some Custards and blends perfectly with the creaminess. It isn’t over-sweet, but packs just enough flavour. It could easily be an all day vape and is one of the most moreish Custards I’ve vaped; the mix is perfect. Cloud production is good at 70VG and there is no harshness to the E-liquid.

My score: 8.9/10 – A straight-up, quality-tasting Vanilla Custard!

Vanilla Custard by The Custard Company is available to buy on their website, via the links at the opening of review. 30ml in 3 x 10ml bottles is £12.99 and the short-fill option is £14.99. You’ll also find it at a lot of outlets on or offline.

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