Grape Shot by Juice Junki

Today we’re going to review a fruity Grape E-liquid. This is Grape Shot by Juice Junki. Juice Junki are a separate range of 4 E-liquids from Doozy Vape Co. Doozy originate from West Yorks, UK and currently have 3 different ranges; the usual Doozy range, Juice Junki and Baccy Roots. They have a really good website selling their ranges and are also very popular in outlets such as Vape Club.

Currently, Juice Junki bottles are in 60ml short-fill bottles with 50ml of zero Nicotine E-liquid. You can opt to top these up with a Nicotine or VG shot. The bottles are easily squeezable unicorn bottles with a child safety screw cap. A large label covers the bottle in Purple colour to match this flavour profile. There is the usual warnings, ingredients and Doozy’s contact info, alongside a vaping Mohawk skull design on the label. Ratio mix is in 70VG/30PG. The Doozy website describes the flavour as a cocktail of juicy grapes with a cool shot of purple soda. This mouthwatering combination is highly addictive. I’ve never tried any E-liquid from the Doozy HQ before so this will be new ground 🙂

On smelling from the bottle, it’s a really strong smell of sweet Grape. The smell is so strong, it fills the air and you can still smell it for a while when the cap is tightened back up. It’s probably the strongest smelling E-liquid I’ve known and I know this flavour is going to pack a punch!

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Geekvape Peerless RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

On vaping, it’s a really highly flavourful juice. There is a huge blast of Grapes, alongside what I can only describe as the old school Parma Violets sweets (which must be the Purple soda part). Doozy really haven’t scrimped on the flavour in this liquid, it’s absolutely packed with it; that was even with adding the 10ml Nicotine shot in the bottle. There is another brand out with a similar juice (a name that slightly represents a canned drink) but this Juice Junki version is far better in my opinion. For me, it’s not an all day vape as I personally go for Desert and Bakery type flavours, BUT; if you like Fruity E-liquids, or more so, Grape flavours, then this is perfect! It’s definitely something I will vape to change it up.

My score: 8.7/10 – A powerful Grape Soda bursting with flavour.

You can purchase Grape Shot via the links in the opening of this review. The price is currently £14.99 for 50ml including a free Nicotine Shot if buying from the Doozy website.

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