Pink Haze by Doozy Vape Co

Today we’re reviewing an E-liquid from the range of a UK company, this is Pink Haze by Doozy Vape Co. Doozy have many juices in this range, as well as a few other ranges; Juice Junki (Grape Shot reviewed yesterday) and Baccy Roots. They originate from West Yorks in the UK and have a well designed website with all their ranges of E-liquid. Doozy E-liquids are also sold across many outlets on and offline.

There are a few options of bottle sizes in this Doozy range. There is the TPD compliant 10ml bottles, sold in 10ml, 3 x 10ml and 60 x 10ml. Nicotine options are in 0mg and 3mg for these bottles. There is also the 50ml short-fill option which is what my bottle of Pink Haze is in. These bottles are in zero Nicotine and contain 50ml in a 60ml bottle, so you can top up with a Nicotine shot of 10ml. The label is in pink and yellow to match the flavour profile. There is the warnings, Doozy’s contact info and the flavour description printed on the label. There is also a batch number and expiry date. The bottle has a screw top child safety cap and the bottle is in tough plastic, but easily squeezable to get juice out the top cap. The top cap removes easily enough to add Nicotine shot or VG top-up. Default ratio is 70VG/30PG.

The Doozy website describes Pink Haze as Zingy lemon and a concoction of citrus fruits with a tangy edge. This juice has the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus that results in one of the best fruity Lemon vapes around. You just have to try this to understand why we named it Pink Haze! So we’re looking at a Pink Lemonade and on smelling from the bottle, it’s a big hit of fresh citrus Lemons on the nose. The Lemon smells really authentic.

Device used: Asmodus Minikin V2 and Wotofo Nudge RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

On vaping, straight away that citrus Lemon blasts through. It seems to be edged off by a tone of Raspberry, which, alongside the Lemon makes it a very tasty vape. There is a sherbert sort of fizziness about it too. By the smell, I thought it was going to be a purely over-sweet Lemon, but it is perfectly blended on the vape. There is enough flavour there to keep vaping it all day, without it becoming too over-sweet. It reminds me a lot of the Lucozade Pink Lemonade drink. The pleasant Lemony after-taste lingers for a good while and there isn’t any synthetic taste to it. A really moreish mix from Doozy!

My score: A definite 9/10 – Pink Lemonade how it should be done!

You can purchase Pink Haze via the links in the review opening. The price is currently £14.99 for 50ml including a free Nicotine Shot if buying from the Doozy website.

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