Tropikana by Doozy Vape Co

Today we’re having a vape on another in the Doozy range, this is Tropikana by Doozy Vape Co. Doozy have a lot of juices in this range, as well as a few other ranges; Juice Junki and Baccy Roots. They originate from West Yorkshire in the UK and have a really good website with all their ranges of E-liquid. Doozy E-liquids are also sold in many outlets online such as Vape Club and offline in Vape stores.

As a side-note, you know if you read something and then for the next hours/days/weeks, you get a repetitive song playing over and over in your head?



There are many options of bottle sizes in this Doozy range. There is the TPD compliant 10ml bottles, sold in 10ml, 3 x 10ml and 60 x 10ml. Nicotine options are in 0mg and 3mg for these. There is also the 50ml short-fill bottle which is what this bottle of Tropikana is in. These bottles are in zero Nicotine and contain 50ml in a 60ml bottle, so you can top up with a Nicotine shot or VG of 10ml. The label is in red and yellow to match the flavour profile. There is the warnings, Doozy’s contact information and the flavour description printed on the label. There is also a batch number and expiry date. The bottle has a screw top child safety cap and the bottle is in rigid plastic, but easily squeezable to get juice out the top cap. The top cap removes easily enough to add Nicotine shot or VG top-up. Default ratio is 70VG/30PG.

The Doozy website describes Tropikana as a blend of succulent mangoes with lychee and pineapple. On the inhale you get mango wrapped in fresh lychee and pineapple. It really is a stunning combination. As you exhale this delicious recipe the room is filled with the aroma of the fruits of paradise. The taste of this trio will linger on your taste buds long enough to savour. Sounds good Doozy! On smelling from the bottle, the lead role is Pineapple, but blended alongside other fruits giving off a strong Tropical Fruit scent. Have you played that song yet? Why not!

Device used: Asmodus Minikin V2 and Geekvape Peerless RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

On vaping, it’s a big blast of Tropical Fruit. The Pineapple and Mango are the leaders and taste very authentic. Lychee is on the back of these, blending them all nicely. The aftertaste is also authentic and lingers for a good while. It tastes exactly like a good quality Tropical drink and makes it a perfect Summer vape. Sure it’s a sweet juice, but not totally overpowering and could be vaped all day. If you are more a Fruit Vaper, you’ll love this! Cloud production is good at 70VG and there is zero harshness to the liquid.

My score: 8.8/10 – A very well blended sweet & fruity Tropical mix. Another great juice from Doozy!

You can purchase Tropikana via the links in the review opening. The price is currently £14.99 for 50ml including a free Nicotine Shot if buying from the Doozy website.

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