Dragon Fruit Punch by Vape Superstore

Today we’re having a vape on another from the VS range, this one is Dragon Fruit Punch by Vape Superstore. Vape Superstore have 4 outlets in London, UK and a very extensive website. They are a very popular company here in the UK and have released their own E-liquids. We reviewed one E-liquid from this line yesterday, and today we’ve got Dragon Fruit Punch to try out.

Dragon Fruit Punch is supplied in a short-fill bottle with 50ml juice in a 75ml bottle size. There is currently 6 flavours in this short-fill range. The mix is a zero Nicotine but you get a free Nicotine shot, making it up to 3mg if you wish. You can also purchase another shot on top for an extra £1, making it up to a 5mg strength. The bottle is a short chubby short-fill made of tough plastic, with a child safety screw top. The label is a simple design showing the Dragon fruit and a glass of punch graphic. Also on the label are warnings, Vape Superstore’s contact info and ingredients. It includes a batch code and best before date. Removing the top nozzle cap to add the Nicotine shot, was a lot easier than yesterday. Some of those bottles can have a tough top cap to release. A pair of clean pliers and some elbow grease mostly works; just make sure you hold down the bottle with the other hand, to stop being showered with E-liquid when the cap pops off. This juice is a 70VG/30PG mix and only having fruit flavourings, its a very clear liquid.

This E-liquid is described on the Vape Superstore website as a sweet and fruity blend of dragon fruit and mixed tropical fruits. A totally tropical vape. There seems to be a lot of Tropical liquids appearing here lately, so we’ll see how this compares. On smelling from the bottle and while dripping up the wicks, it’s a big blast of a Dragon Fruit scent.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Nudge RDA with 0.6 ohm coil.

On vaping, it’s a really nice and smooth Dragon Fruit Tropical mix. It is mild, but not too muted, as a lot of Tropical liquids tend to be overdone, making them far too sweet. This definitely has great flavour, but doesn’t blast your taste-buds apart when vaping. I sometimes have trouble vaping a lot of Fruity E-liquids for long, as it can become too much with sweetness, but this is a perfect liquid that you could carry on vaping. A simple but very nice juice. For some reason, it reminds me of those Pez sweets. If you’re into Fruit E-liquids and like Dragon Fruit, that isn’t over sweetened, this is well worth the money. Cloud production is good at 70VG and its a smooth juice without harshness or synthetic tasting.

My score: 8.9/10 – A smooth Dragon Fruit E-liquid that isn’t too sweet!

You can purchase Dragon Fruit Punch via the links to Vape Superstore in the opening of the review. It is currently £11.95 for 50ml (with a free Nicotine shot) or two bottles of E-liquid for £20. A great deal.

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