Cold Pineapple Watermelon by Vape Superstore

Today it’s a Snowy Saturday review on another juice from a UK outlet, this is Cold Pineapple Watermelon by Vape Superstore. Vape Superstore are a popular online Vape outlet in the UK and also have 4 walk-in stores around London. They have released a few ranges of E-liquid and this is another from the short-fill range. Their website is packed with Vape supplies and have a very large E-liquid selection with a lot of popular brands.

Cold Pineapple Watermelon is supplied in a short-fill bottle with 50ml juice, in a 75ml bottle size. There is currently 6 flavours in this short-fill range which are mainly Fruity flavours. The juice is a zero Nicotine but you get a free Nicotine shot making it up to 3mg. You can purchase another shot on top, for an extra £1, to make it a 5mg Nicotine strength. The bottle is in a shortchubby short-fill made of rigid plastic with a child safety screw top. The label is a simple design with a graphic of the fruits. The label also contains printed warnings, Vape Superstore’s contact info, ingredients, batch code and best before date. The mix is in the default 70VG/30PG ratio.

The flavour profile of this E-liquid is described on the Vape Superstore website as a delicious blend of Pineapple, watermelon with a cooling aftertaste. A refreshing and zingy vape. So looking at the description, there is sure to be some Menthol or Koolada on the back-note of the Fruits. On smelling from the bottle, it’s a big burst of Watermelon, which is unmistakable in any E-liquid as it’s such a pronounced scent.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Geekvape Peerless with 0.4 ohm coil.

On the vape, straight away its a well mixed Watermelon and Pineapple blend. The Watermelon hits more on the inhale, with the Pineapple cutting through more on the exhale. The more you vape as the coil heats up, the Pineapple pushes in much more. I am not picking up on Menthol, so I assume there is a touch of Koolada in the mix to cool it all off. It’s a very nice juice and I’m not even a big fan of Watermelon E-liquids, I think the Pineapple works well alongside, to change up the taste of it somewhat. If you like your Fruits with a smidge of cooling, this is a definitely worth a blast. Cloud production is good at 70VG and there isn’t any harshness to the vape.

My score: 8.7/10 – A nice tasting Watermelon and Pineapple blend.

You can purchase Cold Watermelon Pineapple by the links to Vape Superstore in the opening of the review. It is currently £11.95 for 50ml (with a free Nicotine shot) or two bottles of E-liquid for £20.

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