Birthday Cake by Rejuiced

Today we’re going to have a vape on a Cake flavoured E-liquid, this is Birthday Cake by Rejuiced. This was around a while ago and I never got to try it. It disappeared just before the TPD regs came in and has recently re-appeared at Rejuiced in their new short-fill bottle range; so I had to grab a bottle of it. Rejuiced are based in Essex, UK and have a great website full of all their juices. It is mainly made up of their 10ml TPD range, but have recently started to sell short-fill bottle E-liquids too. They sell some really great tasting E-liquids at low cost. Some have been reviewed on this website in the past.

Birthday cake comes in the 60ml short-fill unicorn bottle with 50ml E-liquid. You currently get a free 10ml Nicotine shot, so you can add this to make it a 3mg Nicotine strength. It’s in one of the new type bottles, where just the nozzle very easily pulls off to top up the Nicotine shot. This makes it so much easier to add the shot without having to fight the top nozzle cap with a pair of pliers. I can see more companies using these caps on all their short-fills from now on. The label covers the bottle in a light brown colour with a graphic of a Birthday Cake and ‘The Vapery’ title above. Also printed on the label are warnings, ingredients, Rejuiced’s contact info, batch number and best before date. The default ratio for this E-liquid is 40PG/60VG.

The flavour profile of Birthday Cake is described on the Rejuiced website as a rich cake batter with a creamy royal icing. I normally go for some Cake Bakery flavours so am glad Rejuiced re-released this to give it a try. On smelling from the bottle is a subtle sweet scent of a Cake mix. There is also a light scent of a sweet icing. There smells like a sugary scent to the main Cakiness which is possible a light adding of brown sugar flavouring.

Device used: Yihi SX mini G Class and Wotofo Nudge RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

On vaping, it’s a subtle Cake blend. On the inhale, the Cakiness comes through and on the exhale, some of that sweeter icing flavour pops in. I was surprised by the flavour, mainly because the majority of Cake based E-liquids I’ve had, were always really high on sweetness; this isn’t too strong. It’s not a bad thing, the flavour is there, it’s nice and it’s definitely a Cake with Icing. It’s just not as full-on as similar flavours out there. One thing I’ve found with some Rejuiced liquids, is that they are really fresh when buying. Birthday Cake has had a few weeks steep, so it’s possible more flavour will creep out with a few more weeks in the cupboard. Those with a really strong sweet tooth for E-liquids could possibly say it’s muted to them, but for me, it’s a good all day vape as it definitely isn’t over-sweet at all. I just think than when you imagine ‘Birthday Cake’ you would think of a really sweet juice, this is just a nice Cake blend that doesn’t smack you in the face with sweetness.
Cloud production is good and there isn’t any harshness or synthetic taste to the juice.

My score: 8/10 – A nice but subtle Cake flavoured E-liquid.

Birthday Cake is available at Rejuiced, currently at £10.99 for a short-fill with a free Nicotine shot. Links in the opening of review. Thanks for reading.

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