Sirius by Dr.Fog’s Famous Ice Cream

Another juice review today and this one is Sirius by Dr.Fog’s Famous Ice Cream. The Dr.Fog range is made by Premium Labs and this bottle was purchased from UK vendor; Simply Eliquid. They are based in Manchester, UK and have 3 stores in the nearby area and a reputable mail order website. The delivery is very quick and have great customer service. Their website is packed full with some great brand E-liquids and a large selection of vaping hardware.

Sirius is supplied in a 10ml bottle inside a little box. The box has printed warnings, ingredients, contact information and a best before date on the sides. The front and back of the box has the flavour title, more warnings and the Dr.Fog logo. There is a sheet folded inside the box that includes more in-depth warnings and E-liquid instructions. The 10ml bottle is TPD compliant and has a child safety screw cap. A dark Red label wraps the bottle with printed warnings (where a magnifying glass wouldn’t make a difference to read), Ingredients, contact info, best before and batch number. It also has the Dr. Fog logo, flavour name and Nicotine strength. The bottle is in really super squeezy plastic, probably the most easiest to squeeze of any juice bottle I’ve known. There is also a 3 x 10ml option to purchase on the Simply Eliquid website and both this, and the 10ml size are available in 3mg Nicotine strength. The default base mix for Sirius is 75VG/25PG.

The flavour profile of Sirius is described on the Premium Labs website as mouth watering strawberry ice cream, deep fried for maximum temptation. On smelling from the bottle, it’s a very different scent to the usual Strawberries & Cream based liquids. This almost has a sort of ‘Play-Doh-like smell’ to me. That’s not such a bad thing (did nobody ever want to eat Play-Doh?) and can only assume that it’s the ‘deep fried’ flavouring to it. Either way, there is a ripe Strawberry tucked in there.

Device used: Asmodus Minikin V2 and Nudge RDA with 0.6 ohm coil.

On vaping, it’s a very unique-tasting Strawberry Ice-Cream which I can’t really compare to others of the same flavour profile. On the inhale, it’s a creamy-tasting Strawberry and the exhale pushes out more of a sugary glazed flavour. It’s really well blended together and the taste is so unique. The Strawberry isn’t strong and more compliments the desert of the deep fried taste. It’s almost a sort of rich Fritter taste alongside the ripe Strawberry. It’s not an over-sweet juice and it’s very smooth. I probably couldn’t vape this all day due to the richness of the ‘Deep Fried’ but its most definitely a moreish E-liquid to have in-between. Clouds are good at 75VG and there is no synthetic taste to the mix.

My score: 8.5/10 – A really nice Desert vape putting a unique spin on Strawberry Ice-Cream!

You can buy ‘Sirius’ from Simply Eliquid via the links at the start of review. Current prices are £4.99 for 10ml or £11.99 for 3 x 10ml. If you look at the top of their website, they sometimes offer discount codes for checkout.

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