Vanilla Ice Cream by Halo

Another E-liquid review today from Halo, this one is Vanilla Ice Cream by Halo Vapour Co. Halo is an E-liquid brand owned by UK vape vendor E-cigarette Direct. Halo have a great reputation of quality and flavour and those juices that we’ve reviewed so far, have been so true to taste and full of flavour. There are currently 20 E-liquid flavours in the Halo range.

Vanilla Ice Cream is supplied in a 10ml bottle within a little box. The box has printed warnings, ingredients and contact information, alongside the Halo font and flavour title. There is a sheet folded inside the box that includes more warnings and E-liquid instructions. The 10ml bottle is TPD compliant and has a large child safety screw cap. A Black label wraps the bottle with printed ‘Halo Vapour Co’ title and flavour name. There is also printed warnings, ingredients, contact info and the E-liquid Nicotine strength. The bottle is in tough plastic, but quite easy to squeeze juice through the nozzle. There is different Nicotine strengths of Vanilla Ice Cream available on the E-cigarette Direct website in zero, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Base mix is 50PG/50VG so is good for wicking in anything. Halo E-liquid is UK made and tested at a Government approved lab, using UK ingredients and Pharma grade Nicotine.

The flavour profile (which doesn’t really take much to work out) is described on the E-cigarette Direct website as like an ice-cream sundae in an e-liquid, this indulgent flavour has a deep and creamy vanilla background note with top notes of biscuity wafer. As well as its sweet taste, the velvety mouth feel of this smooth vape only makes the vanilla flavour even more luxurious. The smell from the bottle is amazing; a real deep and creamy Vanilla scent. If judging on the smell, there should be plenty of flavour in this E-liquid.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Nudge RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

On vaping, it’s a rich, deep Vanilla in amongst some sweet cream. The cream in the mix definitely tastes authentically Ice-Cream-like. The Vanilla is quite rich so a great vape if you are into Vanilla’s! A slight Biscuit taste sit’s alongside the Vanilla and Cream, more complimenting the flavours than competing with them. The richness to the liquid means it isn’t an all day vape for me, but is definitely something to pick up in-between. It is a very moreish mix. These Halo E-liquids have surprised me just how much full of flavour they are. For cost effective E-liquids, they certainly are not muted in any way.

My score: 8.8/10 – A rich Vanilla Ice-cream, a great one for Dessert vapers!

You can purchase Vanilla Ice Cream by Halo at E-cigarette Direct in the links at the opening of review. The price is currently £3.99 for 10ml or you can buy any 3 Halo liquids for £9.99. If you haven’t tried anything from Halo, or even if you have, it’s a great deal.

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    A very nice review EJR i do like a good ice cream, in fact i’m about 6 months in on developing one! Nice site layout also. Happy vaping buddy????

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