The Wotofo Flux kit by Wotofo & The Rig Mod

A hardware review today of the Wotofo Flux kit by Wotofo and in collaboration with The Rig Mod. This kit contains the Flux Mod and the Flow Pro Subtank. Wotofo are based in Shenzhen, China and are a huge name in the vaping industry, creating great mods, tanks and RDA’s. Wotofo came together with The Rig Mod on creation of this mod, so will give you my thoughts and go through what it comes with and how it works.

The Wotofo Flux kit comes in a sealed well-presented plastic box. There is a clear lid which shows the kit inside. The front side of the box contains the barcode and a scratch-for-authenticity sticker. The backside has ‘Wotofo’ logo and website info engraved into the box, with a small sticker of the colour of the kit. One side of the box contains the Wotofo and The Rig Mod branding and the other side contains information of everything inside the box and the usual printed e-cigarette warnings. On taking off the lid, there is a card and felt pad containing the Flux Mod, the Flow Pro tank and a spare glass for the tank (the spare is the larger bubble glass). The top pad pulls up via a lift string, revealing accessories underneath in a small bag. There is a flat cable standard USB lead and small instruction books for both the Flux mod and the Flow Pro tank. There is also a spare coil for the Flow Pro tank and spare O-rings, inside a Wotofo branded sealed little envelope. In amongst the O-rings is also a protector that slots on the Flow Pro tank’s 510 pin, to protect the top of the Mod getting marked.

The Flux Mod

The Flux mod takes 2 x 18650 batteries and even with batteries in, it feels quite a light mod. It’s just the right size for a mod with a 91.6mm length, 50.8mm width and a depth of 30.3mm, so is perfect for an average size hand. The front of the Flux has a shaped screen at the top, above the two up and down buttons. A light strip runs down below the screen on the front. The firing bar sits at the side with the button covering the top half. The USB port sits at the bottom front of the mod. The top of the mod has a centred 510 connection. The back of the Flux has the same design as the front but instead of the screen, it has the motif of Rig Mod. On the bottom of the Flux, is the battery compartment door that pushes out to put in or take out the batteries. Printed on this door is Wotofo, Flux Mod and Rig Mod. The Flux has a maximum of 200 watts and runs a resistance from 0.08 to 3 ohms. To power on or off the Flux is 5 clicks on the firing bar. When the Flux initially powers up, the Wotofo logo is displayed, then it switches to the running setting. The Screen is a nicely lit LED display with well sized, easily readable characters. It displays the chosen power mode, current wattage, volts, ohm value of coil and both Battery indicators. The Flux is just a straight wattage mod pushing aside the Temperature Control function to keep it simple. There are 3 main power settings which are Standard, Powerful and Powerful +. These can be selected by pressing both the fire bar and ‘+/up’ button on the right hand side, and cycling through on the display. By pressing the Fire bar and the ‘-/down’ button together on the left side, a menu is shown on the display to adjust the light settings. There is a working light and a standby light option to change, which is 7 colours and light sequence choices. If the lights are not your thing, you do have an option to turn them off within those settings screen.

The Flow Pro Tank

The Flow Pro Sub Tank is a stock coil sub ohm tank with bottom airflow. It’s a top filling 25mm tank and just over 40mm in length. The top of the tank slides open to fill the tank with E-liquid easily. The juice capacity of the regular glass is 4ml (dependent on laws in your country) and you can extend the capacity to 5ml, if changing it for the bubble glass in the box. The coil is screwed into the base and the top cap screws down onto the coil sealing the tank between the glass. There is adjustable air flow at the base of the tank which can be altered by screwing round to close off the 3 openings. The drip tip is comfortable and doesn’t get warm in use. It is removable if you wanted to change it out for another. A 0.18 mesh-like coil comes within the tank and is rated at 40-60 watts. As the metal of the coil is built differently to most other stock coils, Wotofo claim that it provides more surface heating area for better flavour. Aside from these Wotofo Mesh-styled stock coils, you can also use the Smok Baby Beast coils in the tank and is advertised as so. There is the Wotofo branded coil supplied within the tank with a resistance of 0.18 ohms and has a spare coil in the kit.

My view

The kit is well presented and you get all the spares you need in the box. With the Flux mod being a straight wattage mod, it is good for a semi-starter moving from a smaller set-up, bearing in mind, it’s a double 18650 so safety around charging and using 18650’s will need to be sought. It cosmetically looks good. It has that very futuristic feel which was popular with the Smok Alien a little while back. The display on the Flux is great, easily readable and very easy to set your choice of wattage. The light down the front of the mod fits in with its futuristic look nicely, which you can customise to how you want. The fire bar is comfortable to use and ramps up pretty much instantly when firing. Although it’s quite a sturdy mod, I wouldn’t chance many drops with it due to its plastic material and display screen. It’s a nice mod and comfortably fits well in an average sized hand. The Flow Pro tank is a decent Sub Ohm tank that looks perfectly matched on top of the Flux mod. Cloud production is good from the tank and flavour is okay. It’s good that it works with Baby Beast coils as most tanks have their own independent coils. Some of the Baby Beast coils have slightly higher ohms and this is worth doing if you prefer a higher ohm vape, than running the lower 0.18 ohm Wotofo Flow Pro Coils. Aside from the Flow Pro tank, I’ve been running the Flux mod with the Recurve RDA and it matches well.


Easy to use without confusing temp control.
Great looking display.
Comfortable in the hand and a nice feel without heaviness.
The Flow Pro tank is good for cloud production.


Although quite sturdy, it probably wouldn’t last a drop onto heavy surface.
Very futuristic which may not appeal to some vapers.

The Flux kit comes in varying colours; Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Gunmetal, Dark Blue, Steel colour and Rainbow.

You can purchase the Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux kit direct from The price is currently on sale at $74.99 down from $94.99. Although based in China, I’ve found Wotofo’s shipping is quick compared to other outlets based there. If you are UK based and don’t want to order from abroad, there are a lot of outlets over here currently supplying the kit.


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