Teros Kit by Joyetech

Back after the Summer break with another Hardware review. This is the Teros Kit by Joyetech. This was kindly supplied by UK vape vendor; E-cigarette Direct. They are based in Swansea, UK and have a great looking and well laid out website for mail orders, packed with good brand vaping hardware and E-liquids. As well as the popular website, they have many walk-in vape stores based in the UK which can be found here.

The Teros is a refillable pod system made by Joyetech and I’ve been using this daily for a while now. It comes in a box with an outer sleeve. The outer sleeve includes all printed information. The front top of the sleeve has the Teros title, a picture of the unit, and the usual Nicotine warning we have become used to on products containing no Nicotine. The left side of the sleeve includes all the Social Media info on Joyetech and the right side just has the printed ‘Joyetech’ branding. On the bottom of the sleeve, it has the usual warnings and contents listed inside the box. There is also the scratch to check authenticity label, a batch code and the barcode with what the colour of the unit inside the box is. My one is listed as Purple and Red (more about colours later in review). The outer sleeve pulls off and you open the dark coloured box inside. This box just has the printed Joyetech branding on. Inside the box is felting padding on top, which includes the main Teros unit, 2 refillable cartridge pods to slot inside the Teros and a small box containing the USB charge cable. Underneath the felt padding, you will find a folded sheet manual, a card instructing how to fill the cartridge and another little card with a warning on again. So it’s pretty much run of the mill on what you’d expect to find inside the box of a pod system.

To fill the Teros pods is easy; you simply pull up the rubber stopper bung and fill the pod to about 80% of E-liquid. I over-filled mine at the start and paid the price by some spit back for a while, so don’t go too overboard filling the pod. There is 2 refillable pods in the kit and you can buy more of these pod cartridges at E-cigarette Direct for £11.99 for a pack of 5. They all have a capacity of 2ml.

The colour of this one is listed by Joyetech as Purple/Red but it’s clearly a Purple base colour. The Teros has a really nice colourful coating creating a glossy two tone effect. Joyetech claim it is colour changing dependant on light and temperature. Other colours of the Teros come in Yellow/Red, Red/Yellow, White/Pink, Black and Silver.

The Teros unit measures in at 90mm length and 29mm width, with a depth of 12mm. It’s really light and very easy to carry about fitting into a pocket nicely. It has ‘Teros’ engraved at the bottom of the unit and ‘Joyetech’ in the same place on the other side. A USB charge port is on one side of the Teros and charges the 480mAh internal battery very quickly. Using the automatic draw system, there isn’t a fire button or even any other buttons. It’s a really simple system, just fill the pod and puff. On one side of the main body, there is possible the brightest ever LED bulb I’ve seen on an e-cig. It lights green when in use or during charge.

I’ve been using the Teros daily for some weeks and find it a really great little device. On some automatic draw kits, I’ve found you need a few puffs to get it going properly, but this is almost instant. For me, it’s actually taken over use of the Mi-Pod. I assume a lot of people use it for higher PG Nicotine salts, but I’ve mostly been running it on 6mg base Nicotine E-liquids. I’ve found the pods even wick okay with 80VG juices. I’ve alternated both the cartridges it comes with and both are still going, albeit one of them is probably on its way now. It’s a strong little unit (has handled a few drops so far) and the colour is really appealing. This is definitely a great kit for those looking to switch from smoking or the vaper looking for a little device to use at work in the day, etc.

My score: 8.9/10 – A very simple, nice looking pod kit that does the job! Easy filling, short charge time and long lasting battery.

You can purchase the Teros kit at E-cigarette Direct via the links at the start of the review. The current price is £24.99 and is well worth the price for a decent little pod kit.


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