Serpent Elevate RTA by Wotofo & Suck My Mod

Back again with another RTA review and this is the single coil Serpent Elevate RTA by Wotofo and in conjunction with Matt from Suck My Mod. This was supplied by Health Cabin who stock a very large range of vaping hardware and E-liquids. They are based out of Hong Kong but have fairly speedy shipping worldwide and a decent reputation. So we’ll have a look how this RTA comes, coil it up and have a vape!

The Serpent Elevate RTA comes sealed in a box with the usual Wotofo presentation. The top of the box has a large window showing the tank inside, alongside the title and branding with a graphic of a Serpent snake in the background. The same snake graphic appears on the bottom of the box in Green with the ‘Serpent Elevate’ title. The bottom side of the box has the usual printed warnings with Wotofo’s and Suck my Mod’s branding printed underneath. The top side of the box includes printed info of everything included in the box, which we’ll go through in a minute. The right side of the box has a snakeskin background with Wotofo’s branding info including their web address and social media. A sticker is also on this side showing the colour of the RTA. The left side of the box has the bar-code sticker and the scratch-for-authenticity check sticker on. Again, another little sticker showing the RTA colour inside appears here. It’s great looking packaging highlighted with that usual Wotofo green.

On pulling up the outer box to open, there is a thick padding on the top. In this padding is the main Serpent Elevate RTA, a wider spare bubble glass, a spare drip tip and a 510 drip tip adaptor. On lifting out the padding,  more accessories show underneath. There is a simple pull-open user manual explaining how to coil, wick and how to refill the tank. There is a screwdriver and Allen key for working on the deck and also a brilliant little plastic coil tool, that measures the length of legs to cut off the coil when fitting. This makes that so simple to do because being a vertical coil, it wouldn’t be the easiest job to cut the coil to size. Like all recent Wotofo RTA’s and RDA’s, there is 3 small envelopes within the accessories. One contains 2 x N80 framed staple Clapton coils at .33 ohms. The other envelope contains 2 x shoelace cotton wicks and the last envelope contains many spare 0-rings and spare screws for the deck.

The Serpent Elevate RTA is a single coil that is vertically mounted. An adjustable airflow is situated at the top of the tank so it shouldn’t have leaking problems. The tank is a 24mm diameter and measures in at 3.6cm length. The glass installed is around a 3ml capacity and you can up that to around 4.5ml, if changing out to the bubble glass in the box. The colour of my Serpent Elevate is listed as Stainless Steel, but it’s more of a light grey and not really a true Stainless alloy colour. The resin drip tip installed out-of-the-box is a mixed blue, though the colour can be different depending on the colour of RTA you go for. Other colours of the Serpent Elevate available at Health Cabin are in Black, Rainbow, Blue, Gunmetal and Gold. The bottom of the tank has etching of the Serpent graphic, ‘Serpent Elevate’ title and ‘Wotofo’ around the gold centre pin. The middle chimney of the tank (above the deck) has the ‘Serpent Elevate’ title and the snake graphic etched in. On the other side has the ‘SMM’ Suck my Mod logo etched. There is knurling at the the top of the tank on the adjustable airflow ring.

To coil it is pretty simple. As mentioned earlier, you first cut the legs on the coil by putting it in the marked holes on the enclosed tool and trimming the legs poking out the bottom. This measures off the coil perfectly for placing vertically into the holes on the deck,  then re-tightening the holes with the Allen key in the box. Kudos to Wotofo for adding that little coil measurement tool, it makes it really easy to measure and trim the coil. The wick is then added through the coil then trimmed and slotted down each side, to sit at the top of the quite small juice intakes each side.

One minor bad point that I noticed is that the juice-fill at the top was really stiff to undo initially. This may have just been the machining on my individual tank, but I spent a good 10 minutes trying to remove it. Once it unscrewed, it was fine to do up and undo after that, but just a minor thing that was a bit annoying at first.

So how does the thing vape?

I’ve been using this RTA for just over 2 weeks in some capacity everyday and have found it a really decent tank. The flavour is really good and have tried quite a few different E-liquids through it. I actually really like single coil RTA’s with top airflow and this reminded me a bit of the first single coil Geekvape Zeus in the way it vaped too, though with a better deck and a more sturdy design. Cloud production is really good too. To coil on the deck is really easy and made better by the tool Wotofo supply to cut the coil legs. There is also plenty of room to work with on the deck. The problem I had, is that that using any RTA so soon after trying the OFRF Gear will leave it a bit anti-climatic. The Serpent Elevate is a bloomin’ good RTA, the accessories Wotofo supply in the box, the presentation, how it coils and wicks up, the flavour, the clouds – there isn’t anything to pick faults at as such.  I’ve just used it so close to something which I think is better. I don’t like to compare as they are different in many ways and I like to try and keep individual reviews without playing things off against each other (that comes in the next review soon). I guess you could look at it this way and won’t be re-filling this tank so often :/ If you like a decent, sturdy single coil RTA with great flavour and clouds, then the Wotofo Serpent Elevate will give you that!

My score:
Flavour: 8.9/10
Cloud production: 8.9/10
Ease of Coiling: 9/10
Design: 8.6/10
Accessories supplied: 9.6/10

You can purchase the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA at Health Cabin via the links at the start of review. At time of writing, all the colours are currently in-stock.

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