Aspire Nautilus AIO Vs Aspire Breeze 2 – Which one wins?

Back again today with a slightly different format to a review. This is the first double review and pits two very well known vape pod systems against each-other. This is the Aspire Nautilus AIO vs the Aspire Breeze 2. These two kits were supplied by those brilliant guys at E-cigarette Direct. They have a really good mail order website selling top brand vaping kits, hardware and a nice selection of E-liquids. The website includes a popular blog with some really interesting vaping articles. They also have a large amount of walk-in vape shops based within the west of the UK and have been in the business since 2008.

Pod kits and systems have gone crazy across the vaping market within the last few years, with all the top brands releasing their own versions. Although, a lot are labelled as ‘vaping starter kits’, they are just as popular among more seasoned vapers to use alongside bigger devices. Also, with the newer Nicotine salt E-liquids and CBD liquids, pod kits are mostly chosen to use for these for an effective mouth-to-lung vape. A pod system I opted to use a lot over the last year was the Aspire Breeze. It is a decent refillable little device with easily changeable stock coils and gave a nice mouth-to-lung vape. I’m also a big fan of Aspire products; I’m still using one of my first ever tanks in the Nautilus Mini, their range of sub ohm ‘Cleito’ tanks and a few sturdy mods they’ve produced. So, let’s look at the updated Breeze in the Breeze 2 and the Nautilus AIO kit, which still uses the same BVC coil design from the original Nautilus Mini tank. We’ll compare side by side and see which one comes out on top also.

The Aspire Nautilus AIO and the Aspire Breeze 2 both come sealed in identical sized boxes with a cardboard outer sleeve. The printing on both kit outer’s is exactly the same minor a few differences. The top of the box contains the device picture, title and colour of the device with the usual large Nicotine warning printed underneath. The bottom of the outers of the boxes contain the Nicotine warning again in big print, and above that, has the contact info for Aspire. The title for each device appears at the top. The top side of each box outer contains the printed content of each device in the box. Both devices contain the same, the only difference is the Breeze 2 contain 2 extra o-rings and different coils between each device. We’ll go through the contents in a minute. The top side of the outer also contains the barcode and batch code for the Nautilus AIO, while the Breeze 2 contains a little contact sticker for Aspire. The bottom side of the box outers contain the scratch-for-authenticy stickers for the kits. The Breeze 2 contains the barcode and batch number here also, while the Nautilus AIO contains the small contact sticker for Aspire. Nice looking packaging for both kits. The outer cardboard slips off both kits to reveal a thin-wooded box, printed with gold Aspire on the tops. The boxes flip open from the top to access the kit and accessories inside.

Both the Nautilus AIO and Breeze 2 kits contain everything inside the box to get you started, all you need is to set up and add your E-liquid. On top of each kit panel inside the box is the User manual and warranty card (which is a little sheet containing the local contact for Aspire). The plastic inners of the box contain the device (which has a top protection cap), the charge cable and 2 coils in each. The coils in the Nautilus AIO are rated differently to the Breeze 2 included coils. The Nautilus has the trusty BVC coil and another  coil with a green band for Nicotine salt E-liquids. Both of these are rated at 1.8 ohms. The Breeze 2 has a 1 ohm coil, marked with a green band for Nicotine salts also and also has a 0.6 ohm standard Breeze 2 coil. The Breeze 2 coils are more chunky compared to the AIO’s Nautilus BVC coils. I’m not really understanding the separate coils just for Nicotine Salts, as I’m not sure it’s going to make a lot of difference for Nicotine delivery of the coil. Either way, both coils can be used for base or Salt Nicotine and not tied to one just for whatever Nicotine is within the E-liquid. There is also a little bag of spares inside both kits. The spares include 2 spare o-rings and a spare stopper for the pod with the Nautilus AIO. The same spares come with the Breeze 2, but has an extra 2 spare o-rings.

The Nautilus AIO and Breeze 2 are around the same small size. The mouthpiece extends slightly higher on the Breeze 2 and measures 96mm from bottom to top, while the Nautilus AIO measures 87.5mm. Both run with a built in 1000mAh battery and found the Breeze 2 has very minimally less Battery time. That’s no doubt due to slightly lower ohms on the coil compared to the Nautilus AIO. Even so, both hold a really good charge and both have lasted me a day of constant use. The charge time for each is around an hour and half. Both devices have a press button release for the pod cartridge on each side of the device. The pod then simply pulls out from the top. There is quite a difference between the pod cartridge on each system. Both are refillable and E-liquid is added to the bottom of the pod and sealed by a rubber stopper. The difference is how the coil is added. The Nautilus AIO has the coil screwed into the base of the pod with an adjustable airflow on the bottom (as pictured). The Breeze 2 has the coil screwed into the top of the pod by first removing the top mouthpiece. The coil is then screwed in top down, with the airflow adjustment sitting at the top of the pod. The mouthpiece then pushes back on and has its air vents each side. Both devices I have are TPD compliant 2ml capacity. The front of the Nautilus AIO has a printed ‘Aspire’ on the bottom, as does the Breeze 2. The same button for power and firing the unit is above on both devices. The Breeze 2 has a straight button situated under the pod on the front, while the Nautilus AIO has a cut-out plastic part with the button sitting in. That button has a power icon on the Nautilus AIO. The Breeze 2 has its power light under the bottom of the pod, while the light on the Nautilus AIO seems like it is situated a bit further down. This is at least how that appears as it shows through the power button as opposed to higher up on the Breeze 2. The USB charging port is on the left of both units and there is venting holes on the bottom of each device. The rear of both systems has ‘Nautilus AIO’ and ‘Breeze 2’ printed on the bottom in silver. Both kits come with a plastic protector to push on top of the mouthpiece while carrying around. To power on or off, it’s the usual quick 5 clicks on the power button on each device, then its a simple fire button when you take a puff.

Both devices come in different colours. My Nautilus AIO is in Jade but E-Cigarette Direct also have these in Silver, Black, Blue and Purple. The Breeze 2 also come in various colours other than my Blue one. E-Cigarette Direct have these also in Red, Black and Grey. The colour on both devices is a nice bright glossy finish.

So how do they fair up against each other to use?

I was originally just going to do a straight out-of-the-box review, but as it panned out, I’ve used both devices daily for well over a week.

Firstly, filling both pods is easy and not messy, as they both use the same way of filling the bottom of the pod. You then put in the stopper plug to seal. As mentioned above, the Nautilus AIO has the coil screwed in from the bottom of the pod, while the coil is screwed from the top on the Breeze 2. This is where the Nautilus AIO is better, as with the Breeze 2, you have to first remove the top mouthpiece. This pulls off from the top and can be a bit fiddly and stiff to do when the device is new and being careful not to totally snap it.

I started by filling both devices with the same E-liquid to see how they match up. I found despite the Breeze 2 running a lower ohm coil, they both produce pretty much the same amount of clouds, which for a mouth-to-lung vape isn’t going to win competitions. Even so, they both fire quickly and give a good effective draw from the offset. The Breeze 2 give a slightly more powerful draw, but there really isn’t too much in it. The flavour on both devices is good. I found that the Nautilus AIO does give a slightly more flavourful vape, possibly due to a better coil used on that device. It isn’t by any means massively different from the Breeze 2, just slightly noticeable when using the same E-liquids. The Breeze 2 seems very slightly smoother on the draw without as much ‘coil crackle’ when firing. Again, this is down to the different coil design and possibly the viscosity of the liquid used.

After a few tank fulls in each device, I changed up flavours in each and found that both manage different flavours well. You are also not tied to 50/50 juices as both wick higher VG E-liquids just fine. The Nautilus AIO and Breeze 2 are perfect for Nicotine Salt E-liquids and also effective when using CBD liquids. Each device would be perfect for a smoker looking to cut down or quit by using a higher Nicotine tobacco juice in a little device. The size on both devices is great in the pocket and the Nautilus AIO again just pips this over the Breeze 2, due to a more compact lower profile top. The adjustable airflow on the bottom of the coils works exactly the same on both if you prefer a tighter draw to the vape.

So if I had the choice, what one would I opt for? I would slightly more go with the Nautilus AIO for a few reasons. Firstly, I really like the BVC coils that the device takes. I still use them on the infamous Nautilus Mini and enjoy the vape it gives. I also think it looks better aesthetically. I get the impression that Aspire took the Breeze 2 design, and improved it for the Nautilus AIO (being the later release). The coil is not as fiddly to swap out and the slightly more flush mouthpiece makes it look a little better with more of a compact deign. The power button also looks a bit more swish on the Nautilus AIO. That’s not a major knock on the Breeze 2 though, it really is a great little refillable pod kit also. On the vape, there really isn’t much between them at all. For me, it is pretty much mostly down to the design of the devices. The Breeze 2 is quite an upgrade to the original Breeze though as far as the coil and refilling goes. Its just the design of that mouthpiece that slightly lets it down again for me.

You can buy both the Aspire Nautilus AIO and the Aspire Breeze 2 at E-Cigarette Direct via the links at the start of the review or by clicking the slip below to go straight to their website. I rarely add prices to the reviews for hardware, as this can quite frequently change depending on when you read. As it stands today though, the Nautilus AIO is just £2 more than the Breeze 2, so the price is currently around the same. Thanks for reading folks and if you were looking for a comparison between each, I hoped it helped in some way!



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