Nasty Ballin E-liquid Range by Nasty Juice

Back with a full range juice review today, this is the Nasty Ballin range by Nasty Juice. This is just one range of a line of different E-liquid ranges that Nasty Juice produce. These are fruit-based E-liquids and this range has some pretty swish bottles. Nasty Juice are based in Malaysia but have an EU base in the UK. These E-liquid’s were supplied by the fine folks over at E-Cigarette Direct. They currently stock the full ranges of Nasty Juice along with other top brand E-liquids and vaping hardware. Dispatch time is very quick and they offer free delivery over £20. They also run popular vaping blog ‘Ashtray Blog‘ which covers great articles and know-how on vaping.

The Nasty Ballin range is sold separately in 4 different flavour bottles. The flavours are titled Passion Killa, Bloody Berry, Hippie Trail and Migos Moon. Each flavour is in it’s own coloured cocktail-style shortfill bottle containing 50ml of zero Nicotine E-liquid. There is ample space in the bottle for a 10ml Nicotine shot should you add one, making it up to 60ml of juice. All the bottles in this range are 70VG/30PG.

The bottles used in this range are totally different to anything I’ve seen in E-liquids. They are all cocktail bottle shaped and include ball bearings situated inside the bottle to shake up the juice (hence the ‘Nasty Ballin). The shaker bottle could possibly be a bit of a gimmick to some, but a stylish original touch all the same. The front of the bottles include an appealing font with ‘Nasty Ballin’ above a graphic of a hairy capped guy blowing clouds. Below that is the flavour name, main flavour profile and VG/PG ratio. On the top cocktail-style cap of the bottles is the ‘Nasty Juice’ logo and a bearing graphic on the reverse.

On the back of the bottles is the E-liquid warnings and ingredients, printed under the ‘Nasty’ title and font. Stuck on the side of the bottle and to seal the top lid is a long sticker. This sticker contains the Nasty Juice official seal, the bar-code, batch number, best before date and flavour name. Situated on the bottom of the sticker is a scratch-for-originality panel, which I’ve not seen on E-liquid bottles before.

Lifting off and underneath the bottles top cocktail style lid, is the nozzle that simply screws off to add your Nicotine shots. A couple of the nozzles are different on my range but they all work the same and very easy to add shots to the bottles. Placed over the top of the nozzle is a little pull-off sheet with the ‘Nasty’ title and printed graphics on adding your Nicotine shot. It simply says ‘Add’, ‘Shake’ and ‘Enjoy’ with little graphics, but it fits nicely with the theme that Nasty Juice were going for on the range. On the reverse is one of the scan-for-info codes, Nasty Juice web address, social icons and a little thanks message.

After adding the Nicotine shot and screwing back on the nozzle, you can hear the bearings mix around the juice on shaking. When adding the shots to each bottle, it’s clear on the smell that these really are some of the most fruitiest E-liquids. The scent from each bottle just pops out at you. The packaging in all is appealing and a good theme, so let’s see how it vapes. I’ll cut some cotton strips, re-wick the RDA and give you my thoughts on each juice from this Nasty Ballin range .

Device used: Wotofo Flux Mod and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.

Hippie Trail

Hippie Trail is in the Green bottle and titled on the front as ‘Lemon Lime’. The flavour profile is described on the E-cigarette Direct website as Hippie Trail e-liquid packs an impressive punch at even the most discerning vaper, with an explosion of citrus fruits followed a bittersweet kick, with sharp lemon paired with tropical lime give this e-liquid its unmistakable taste. On smelling from the bottle, it’s a really fruity scent of a big blast of mostly Lime.

On the vape, it is a really nice Lime flavour. There is a Lemon tucked in there, which blends really well alongside the Lime, which is the leader on the inhale. I  think I’m also picking up the slightest touch of cooling in there too, not a lot, but you can tell it on the exhale. It’s a juice that’s really packing a lot of flavour! This is an awesome E-liquid if you’re a fan of Lime and Citrus. It isn’t harsh or synthetic tasting and is mixed perfectly. If you like your vape sweet, then this one is for you. It’s not overly done, but there is a nice sweet bite on the Citrus, while still keeping smoothness.

My score: 8.9/10 – An awesome Lime alongside a nice Citrus Lemon thrown in.

Migos Moon

Migos Moon is in the Orange bottle and the flavour name is titled on the front as simply ‘Orange’. The flavour profile is described on the E-cigarette Direct website as pair zesty orange with bitter lemonade and the result is the citrus blend of Nasty Ballin’s Migos Moon e-liquid. Densely layered with full fruit flavours. On smelling from the bottle, it is a nice tangy scent of a juicy Orange. You can tell just by smelling, that this is going to be another juice packed full of flavour.

On vaping, it’s instantly a real tangy blast of Orange. Again, like the Lime before, it is very Citrus but very smooth at the same time. You can definitely pick up on the Lemonade mentioned in the profile, sitting alongside the deep Orange flavour. Together it is creating a nice tasting Orangeade mix, and with the Citrus, you can almost taste the fizz in the back-note. It’s a sweet juice but not massively overdone so is comfortable to vape all day. It doesn’t taste artificial or harsh on the throat and the aftertaste feels like you’ve just drank a can of Fanta.

My score: 8.8/10 – A really well mixed Orange E-liquid that tastes exactly like an Orangeade drink!

Passion Killa

Passion Killa is in the Yellow bottle and the profile on the bottle is simply ‘Passion’. The flavour profile of Passion Killa is listed on the E-cigarette Direct website as a delicious combination of sweet passion-fruit and other tropical fruits, Passion Killa promises an irreplaceable tart and tangy flavour. I must of over-vaped a Passion Fruit juice before and have gone off of it somewhat as a flavour, so it’s good to see this juice is mixed with other fruits. Even so, the smell from the bottle is really inviting of a really deep Tropical Fruit scent.

On the vape, Passion Killa is a real mouth-watering Tropical taste. The Passion Fruit is the leader on the inhale, but sitting alongside is a nice mixed blend of Tropical Fruits; quite possibly some Pineapple, Guava and Mango blended in. It’s a really refreshing smooth E-liquid without any synthetic taste. The taste is exactly like a drink of Tropical Fruit cocktail. The vape is actually quite deceiving compared to the smell, the Tropical Fruits really pop out once it’s vaping in a tank or RDA. Again, I can pick up on a hint of some slight cooling in the flavour. As others in the range, cloud production is good at 70VG. If you are looking for a really nice Tropical taste E-liquid, this is definitely one to buy! It’s rekindled my taste for Passion Fruit!

My score: 8.9/10 – Exactly like a taste of a Tropical Fruit cocktail, not just about the Passion Fruit!

Bloody Berry

Onto the last in the Nasty Ballin range from Nasty Juice. This is Bloody Berry which is in the Red bottle. The profile on the bottle is marked up as ‘Raspberry’ and is described on the E-cigarette Direct website as expect juicy, fruity and densely layered flavours from Blood Berry by Nasty Ballin. In a flawlessly balanced fusion of berry and citrus notes, this popular liquid delivers a moreish vaping experience. I left this one until last, just because I’m a bit of a fan of Berry based E-liquids. On smelling from the bottle, it’s a sweet blend of Berries with a bit of a twang to it in the background.

On the vape, Bloody Berry is an instant blast of a smooth Raspberry. One thing I noticed straight away on the inhale, is there seems a bit more cooling in this mix, compared to the others in the range. That might be because there are fewer ingredients within this juice so the cooling pops more. Either way, it still keeps that quality taste of the fruit and doesn’t overtake the Raspberry. The citrus sitting in the back-note adds some tang on the exhale. Its a really refreshing smooth Berry E-liquid without harshness or any dodgy synthetic taste. Again, it tastes like something you’d get from a drink, so you can see where Nasty Juice were going with the cocktail theme.

My score: 8.8/10 – A quality smooth Raspberry E-liquid with a bit of cooling.

The Nasty Ballin range is an amazing small selection of Fruity E-liquids. Each flavour is quite unique and on each taste you can tell that Nasty Juice have put a lot of time and effort into getting this range just right. I didn’t taste anything bad within the range and although it’s so Fruity, there is an element of smoothness to each flavour, making it so easy to vape all day. At a push, I think my favourite in the range is the Lime ‘Hippie Trail’, but they are all quality E-liquids. These are definitely  directed at the vapers that like their Fruit and Drink flavour-based E-liquids. Each bottle might be a little higher priced compared to other 50ml shortfills on the market, but to get that high-quality taste that Nasty Juice have made so well, it is a little price to pay.

You can pick up each bottle at E-cigarette Direct via the links at the start of  and in each review. Each bottle in the Nasty Ballin range is currently priced at £15.99 for 50ml.

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