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We’re going to have a look at complete range of Milkshake-based E-liquids today. This is Moo Shake by Nasty Juice. The small current line-up for this range are three different flavours; Banana, Berry and Matcha. These E-liquids are supplied by popular UK vaping vendor; E-cigarette Direct. They supply some top brand E-liquids as well as a good selection of vaping hardware on their website. As well as the online store and a string of walk-in shops, they also run popular vaping blog ‘Ashtray Blog‘ featuring news and how-to’s on all things vaping.

The Boxes

Moo Shake BoxesThe three different flavours of Moo Shake by Nasty Juice come in zero Nicotine 50ml shortfill unicorn bottles, supplied in a box. The boxes are identical other than the flavour title, flavour graphics and colour of the box that represents the flavour profile. Each has a lined paper background with a hand-drawn theme.

On the front of the boxes, the ‘Moo Shake’ title appears at the top. Under that is the flavour name and a graphic of a drawn Cow. On each box, the Cow is holding a jar of the appropriate flavour of the juice. The bottom right corner of the boxes has printed info that it is 50ml, 0mg and the ratio of 70VG/30PG. A printed ‘Nic Shot’ text is adjacent to that, showing the bottles are Nicotine shot-ready.

On each side of the boxes contains printed graphics of the same Cow holding the pot of the contained flavour and holding a Milk jar. Graphics also appear on the sides depending on the flavour; Bananas, a stack of Berries and Leaves for Matcha. At the bottom of the right side of the boxes has a printed batch code and an expiry date for the E-liquid.

On the back of the boxes has nearly the whole side full of printed information (under the Moo Shake title and flavour graphic). This has printed warnings and ingredients listed. Appearing under those is the moo-shake web address, with the address and contact details for Nasty Juice (this may depend on the country it’s distributed in). A bar-code also appears on the back of the boxes above the Nasty Juice title.

Other than the bottles inside the boxes, a little folded slip is also in there. On the front of the slip is the ‘Moo Shake’ title above the web address and social media info. Inside the slip is a guide for adding Nicotine Shots to the bottles, complete with instructions and graphics. Instructions to make the bottles either 3mg or 6mg are shown on there, but remember you need to buy separate Nicotine shots.

The Bottles

The Moo Shake bottles are 60ml size unicorn bottles in smoked colour. The top caps are black and each have the child-safety function to open. A shiny foil-type label wraps each bottle. The label design matches each box it comes in. The background has the lined paper design in each colour of the flavours. On the front of the label has the ‘Moo Shake’ title above the same Cow graphic, holding a jar of the juice flavour. Beside the Cow is the flavour name and on the bottom of the label is a printed ’50ml’, ‘0mg’ and ’70VG 30PG’ in small font. The left side of the label is the same as the boxes side with the Cow graphics and little graphics of the flavour inside. The right side of the label includes the printed warnings, ingredients and the Moo Shake/Nasty Juice branding.

This range has a really catchy theme and packaging and Nasty have given great attention to detail. So now we’ll see how they each vape and how they taste. Milkshake-based vapes are within my personal flavour profile, so I’ve been looking forward to trying these.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm Clapton coil.

Banana Moo Shake

It wouldn’t take much to identify this flavour by the name, but is described on the E-cigarette Direct website as;
Bottling the unmistakable taste of banana milkshake and topping it with an extra sweet and creamy twist. This Banana e-liquid from Moo Shake is perfect for milk shake lovers. E-liquid DIY’ers will know that Banana can be a tricky one to get right, so hoping Nasty Juice have done a good job with this. On smelling from the bottle and while dripping up the wick, there is a rich creamy Banana scent.

On the vape, Banana Moo Shake is a very creamy mix. The Banana is blended alongside the rich creamy taste and is more of a sweet Banana candy flavour. The mixed creams are definitely the leader in this E-liquid, almost giving it a milky-type taste. It tastes nice on the inhale, but after the exhale, you are left with quite a strange after-taste. It’s not an especially bad after-taste, but I think it stems from the Banana concentrate used in the mix. That’s not to say it’s a bad juice, in fact, Nasty have done well with a Banana shake liquid. There is just some artificial type taste, which definitely pops out after the exhale.

My score: 7.8/10 – Not a bad Banana-shake based E-liquid. The Banana doesn’t leave the best after-taste though.

Berry Moo Shake

On to the Berry-based milkshake now. This is described on the E-cigarette Direct website as; What’s better than a berry milkshake? A berry milkshake vape of course! Nasty Juice have fused the sour taste of berries with smooth and creamy milk for this addition to their Moo Juice shortfill range. The scent from the bottle is a fruity Berry with a nice cream, this really does smell good. If this tastes like it smells, we’re onto a winner here.

On the vape, Berry Moo Shake is a really deep mixed Berry on the inhale. Alongside, is that real creaminess tasted on the last juice. The exhale brings out more of that rich cream and leaving a really nice after-taste. The Berry in this works so much better than the Banana and it tastes quite like a mixed Berry Smoothie. There is not any artificial taste to it and the Berries and creams are mixed to perfection, complimenting each-other on the vape. This is quite a sweet juice, but the creams back off the richness of the fruit just a bit, so it could be an easy all day vape. This is a really great E-liquid and definitely adds a different spin to the usual Milkshake-based flavours.

My score: 8.9/10 – A fantastic mixed Berry shake. The moreish cream is blended so well to make a really great flavour!

Matcha Moo Shake

Onto the last bottle in the current Moo Shake range and this is Matcha, which is a Green Tea shake. I’ve never seen this flavour in a milkshake-based E-liquid before, it sounds weird to me, but let’s see if it works. The flavour profile is described on the E-cigarette Direct website as; Can you combine the freshness of green tea with the creamy goodness of a milkshake? Nasty Juice certainly think so! Promising a sensation of relaxation and tranquillity, Matcha Shake promises a delicious escape from the hustle bustle of everyday life. Smelling from the bottle, there is a very distinct, almost herbal, scent of Green Tea. Again, you can pick up on that deep cream in amongst the main flavour.

On the vape, straight away you get a deep taste of the Matcha, blended alongside that awesome rich cream throughout this range. More of the cream pops on the exhale and you’re left with a sweet and creamy Matcha after-taste. Surprisingly the Green Tea flavour really works in amongst that moreish Moo Shake cream. The flavour did sound a bit odd (do people even add milk to Green Tea anyway) but on tasting, it is a nice mix. It is definitely something that is worth trying if you want a change with quite a unique flavour.

My score: 8.2/10 – A Green Tea shake flavour, it sounds a bit weird, but it really works well with a distinct pleasant taste.

I’ve really enjoyed going through the Moo Shake range for review. It is a good little range. The package and labelling is quirky and well put together. The creams used in each flavour is well blended and the E-liquids are not too over-sweetened. If you like fruity Milkshake flavours, it is definitely something to look at. By far, my favourite from the 3 bottles is definitely the Berry. The Banana and Matcha are not bad at all, but the Berry mix really stands out for me.

You can pick up any of the Moo Shake flavours from E-cigarette Direct via the links within the review. Each bottle is currently priced at £13.99 for 50ml of E-liquid. Remember to add a Nicotine shot or two to your cart if you need it!

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