The Black Vine by The Rochford Project

Back with another E-liquid review today and this is a fruit-based flavour. This is The Black Vine by The Rochford Project. The E-liquid is the latest flavour, in a range that Jay from The Rochford Project produces. We’ve reviewed a few from the brand before and have the other flavours in the current range coming up soon. I’ve vaped the first two juices released a few years ago and I’ll re-visit those again soon in aid of the blog. The Rochford Project currently have 6 flavours in the range with more to come around the corner. Jay has just released these in new look ‘Chubby Gorilla’ bottles so they all match and are currently in-stock on his website.

The Bottle and Design

The Black Vine comes supplied in a 60ml bottle with 50ml of E-liquid, so you can easily add a 10ml Nicotine shot if needed. The bottle is clear plastic and wrapped in a black matte foil label. At the front of the label is ‘The Rochford Project’ at the top in swirly White font. Under that is ‘The Black Vine’ in the same font but in Purple. At the bottom in normal White font is ‘Nicotine Free (Flavoured E-Liquid)’. At the back of the label is a Purple panel with White print inside. This covers the flavour profile, the usual warnings, how to add Nicotine, ingredients and The Rochford Project’s contact and social media info. Underneath is the usual printed warning graphics and also showing that its ’50ml’ and ‘0mg’ E-liquid inside the bottle.

On the top of the bottle is a Black screw cap with the child safety lock. On the side of the screw cap is a printed batch number and expiry date of the E-liquid. The bottle is good quality and the label design is very clean with the usual font and theme seen on Jay’s previous E-liquid packaging.

The E-liquid

The flavour is described on The Rochford Project’s website as a complex mixture of sweet blackcurrant and grape, with a slight creamy note blending the two together, added in to the mix are additional fruits from around the world to add to the unique flavour. The description of the juice doesn’t surprise me, as from reviewing and tasting other E-liquids from The Rochford Project, Jay always makes something quite unique by picking and blending the flavours so well. On smelling from the bottle, it’s easy to pick up on the Blackcurrant scent. It also smells somewhat Tropical, so I am guessing that is the other fruit sitting alongside it. It does smell really good and smacks you in the face with Fruits.

Device used: Wotofo Flux Mod and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm clapton coil.

On vaping, The Black Vine is a fresh blast of fruits. The Blackcurrant is the leader on the inhale, but that is topped off by a really nice blend of fruits. The grape is tasted in there, alongside some other fruits; possibly a touch of Berry and another more Tropical taste. One fruit that pops out on and after exhale is an juicy Apple flavour. The fruits are rounded together with a slight cream, not too much, but enough to blend all the fruits into it’s own taste. This is a really tasty E-liquid and not over-sweet, making it a great all day vape. Cloud production is good at 70VG and there is zero synthetic taste to the mix. Yet again, another amazing juice from Jay and The Rochford Project.

My score: 8.9/10 – A really unique flavour of blended fruit, mixed together with a touch of cream. This isn’t all about the Blackcurrant!

You can purchase The Black Vine from The Rochford Project on their website via the links in the review. A 50ml shortfill bottle is currently £13.99, with the option to add a Nicotine shot to your cart for a little extra cash. There is also free UK shipping on orders at the time of this review.

The Rochford Project Range

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