RY4 Tobacco by Vapemate

RY4 Tobacco Vapemate

A Tobacco E-liquid review today and this is RY4 Tobacco from UK brand Vapemate. This E-liquid is another one from their classic range. This was supplied by popular vape vendor; E-Cigarette Direct. who have a busy mail order website with a string of walk-in shops. There is a large selection of brilliant pod vape devices there, which would be the first choice for E-liquids like this one from Vapemate.

The Packaging

RY4 Tobacco by Vapemate comes in a TPD complaint 10ml size bottle supplied inside a small box. The front of the box includes the printed Nicotine warning and above that is the VG/PG ratio and Nicotine strength. A brown strip above has the printed flavour with the Vapemate Classic title and logo above. Surrounding the top of the box has a Tobacco graphic. The back of the box includes the printed Nicotine warnings with the Vapemate web address and contact details above. The right side of the box has the bar-code and bottle size of 10ml. The left side includes printed ingredients and safety warnings when using the E-liquid. The bottom of the box has the recycle icon and a ‘Please recycle me’ text.

Inside the box is the 10ml bottle of RY4 Tobacco and a small folded sheet containing the usual printed warnings and Vapemate’s contact details. The bottle is a clear bottle with a black screw top which is child safe. A white label surrounds the bottle. The label has the brand and juice title above the ratio and Nicotine strength. There is also smaller text on each side containing safety warnings, Vapemate’s contact info, batch number and E-liquid expiry date.

The E-Liquid

This bottle of RY4 Tobacco is in 12mg Nicotine strength and is in the Vapemate Classic’s default ratio of 50VG/50PG. The flavour is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; Vapemate’s RY4 perfectly bridges the gap between tobacco and non-tobacco flavours, combining that classic tobacco taste with caramel and just a hint of chocolate and vanilla. Likely to appeal to both tobacco lovers and to those who enjoy a more complex vape juice flavour. On smelling from the bottle, it is a really rich scent of a deep Caramel alongside Tobacco. The juice in the bottle is a real dark bronze colour which is no doubt down to the Caramel and Chocolate flavourings.

Device used: Renova Zero Pod by Vaporesso.

On vaping, it is a really full of flavour RY4. Classic RY4’s are a blend of nutty and Caramel tones with Vanilla alongside Tobacco. This version packs so much flavour than most other RY4’s that I have tried. The Caramel is quite strong in the mix, making it a very deep dark flavour, but it works well. The Tobacco is definitely sitting nicely within the flavours, but blends into them and not an overly strong Tobacco mix. The description gives some hints of Chocolate and Vanilla and you can taste these in there. More so, the Chocolate, that add’s to the rich darkness of the flavour. Overall, its a very nice RY4, very rich and definitely not muted in any way. There isn’t any synthetic flavours and no dodgy after-taste. Cloud production isn’t bad for a 50VG.

My score: 8.3/10 – A very decent rich RY4 version, really full of flavour!

You can buy RY4 Tobacco by Vapemate at E-cigarette Direct from the links at the beginning of review. Price is currently £2.99 for a 10ml bottle or there is a current offer of 3 x 10ml bottles at £8.37. The Nicotine options are in the higher strengths of 12mg and 18mg.

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