Extinct Edition by Vape Dodo

Extinct Edition Vape Dodo

Today I’m trying a new range of E-liquid by a UK brand. This is the Extinct Edition by Vape Dodo. These folks are based in London and have another range that was reviewed on the blog last year. There are currently 3 flavours in the new Extinct Edition range. These are called Alchemy, Prophecy and Ritual.

These were supplied directly from Vape Dodo who have an appealing website selling their E-liquids. I’ll go through how they come and vape each flavour letting you know my thoughts.

The Packaging

The last Vape Dodo range have a great theme and catchy packaging and this range are no different. These are (at the moment) a short-fill range, so they just come in the bottles with labels. Each label is the same other than the flavour title and colour. Alchemy has a White label, Prophecy a dark Grey and Ritual a Black label.

The artwork on the labels is of constructed bones of an extinct Dinosaur. The ‘Vape Dodo’ and ‘Extinct Edition’ title appears under this. On the top right of the labelling is ’18+’ and ‘TPD Compliant’ in small circles. Next to that is the Vape Dodo web address.

On the back left of the labels is a small printed panel. This covers information such as flavour name and profile, E-liquid size and ratio, batch number and expiry date, as well as Vape Dodo’s contact details. Underneath is the bar-code. Each label peels back to reveal cautions of using E-liquid.

The bottles are 60ml chubby Gorilla short-fill size with 50ml of E-liquid. This leaves room to add a 10ml nicotine shot if needed. Each bottle is in clear plastic with a child safety cap on the top.

The E-liquid

Each E-liquid in the Extinct Edition range is in a ratio of 50VG/50PG. It seems some new E-liquid’s are reverting back to the older days of 50/50’s. There could be a few reasons such as wicking better in the now-popular pod systems. It could also be that PG carries more flavour or simply that it’s easy to up VG level with Nicotine shots now in short-fills.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm coil.


The flavour profile of Alchemy is described on the Vape Dodo website as lightly roasted coffee beans blended with a smooth, sweet and sticky caramel. Any coffee lovers dream. I’ve found Coffee vapes to be a bit hit or miss in the past so am keen to see how this tastes. On smelling from the bottle, it is a strong scent of an Expresso-type Coffee. The Coffee smells quite rich but very good. There is also a dark Caramel scent alongside.

On the vape, Alchemy is a nice rich blend of Coffee and a deep Caramel blended together. I’m not sure if there is some very slight Chocolate or if the deepness of the Caramel is giving that impression. Either way, Vape Dodo have definitely created a ‘hit’ as far as Coffee vapes go. Both the Coffee and Caramel flavourings are blended just right to not overtake each other. This gives it a nice rich, almost Coffee liquor taste at times. It’s not an all day vape for me but definitely something to pick up in- between. If you can’t get enough Coffee in the day, load your tank or dripper up with this and all you will miss is the caffeine.

My score: 8.9/10 – Nicely blended, rich dark Coffee and Caramel!


The Prophecy flavour is described on the Vape Dodo website as perfectly ripe and succulent pears, rolled in rich brown demerara sugar. A delicious take on the classic pear drop. I actually thought before reading the description given and having a sniff from the bottle, that it smells exactly like a ‘Pear Drop’ sweet.

On vaping, you first get a nice blast of Pear. The Pear is nice and sweet but it isn’t over-done and is quite a candy-tasting Pear. During the inhale more of that sugar pops in. The exhale gives you a nice sweet Suger-topped Pear taste which lingers well into a pleasant after-taste. It’s a good all-day vape if you like a nice and sweet Pear and does first taste as you’ve just put a Pear drop sweet in your mouth!. The Sugar taste is a little darker in this juice, adding something a bit different than other ‘Candy Pear Drop’ flavours. This gives it some of that ‘Vape Dodo’ uniqueness.

My score: 8.8/10 – A Sugar-coated Candy Pear flavour! A really nice lingering after-taste!


The description of Ritual is described on the Vape Dodo website as juicy fresh blackberries combined with a fragrant apple-infused mint leaf. A must for any menthol fan. On smelling from the bottle, it is a fresh blast of Blackberry alongside a sweet Apple. I can also pick up the coolness scent in the E-liquid.

On the vape, you are met with a rich blast of a juicy Blackberry and nice crispy Apple. Sitting alongside the fruit is a smooth minty coolness. The Menthol in this is not a ‘melt your face’ Menthol, it more compliments the fruits and pops more on the exhale. It’s a really fresh-tasting E-liquid leaving you with a cool after-taste of a mixed Blackberry and Apple. I’m not overstruck on Blackberry juice, but alongside the Apple and a touch of Menthol, it’s a very nice vape.

My score: 8.8/10 – A cool refreshing Blackberry and Apple vape. Not over-done with Menthol.

You can order each flavour on the Vape Dodo website via the links at the beginning of the review. The price for each bottle is currently £14.99. You can also buy the bundle of 3 E-liquid short-fills for £39.99. Look out for a very smart Build Mat with the Extinct Edition theme, currently on their website at £13.99.

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