5 New Flavours by Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape New Flavours

A review today on 5 new flavours brought out by Vampire Vape. I’ll start by saying that these are not the brand new flavours released at the start of this month, but the 5 released just before those. Either way, they are new out so we’ll run through these and see how they taste. The flavours are Rhubarb Crumble, Crushed Candy, Vanilla Tobacco, Catapult and Charger.

These were supplied by the folks over at E-Cigarette Direct who stock a large range of the Vampire Vape flavours. They have a nice website stocked with vaping hardware and a lot of E-liquid brands. E-Cigarette Direct also have a popular vaping blog titled ‘Ashtray blog‘, which covers vaping news and some good tips for beginner vapers looking to make the switch.

So let’s check out these new flavours. I have these in a 12mg strength with a 60PG/40VG ratio and would normally put this level in a mouth-to-lung pod device. For the sake of taste-test reviewing, I’m going to put them in an RDA, so I’ll hold on to my throat and tell you my thoughts.

The Packaging

All these flavours by Vampire Vape come in TPD compliant 10ml bottles. There is a Purple child safety cap on the top. A label wraps the bottle with a Purple background. This has a printed ‘Vampire Vape’ title and their logo of a cartoon-looking Vampire. On one side of the graphic is a ‘Made in the UK’, and on the other side is the Nicotine level, which is in ’12mg’ for these bottles. Under the title and graphic is the printed flavour name of the E-liquid. In a block along the whole bottom of the label, is the printed Nicotine warning.

On the right side of the label are the bar-code and warning graphics. On the left side is printed warnings and info on the E-liquid. The label also peels back on itself to reveal more information on the E-liquid and Vampire Vape’s contact details.

The E-liquids

As mentioned, these are all in 12mg Nicotine level with a 60PG/40VG base ratio. On the E-cigarette Direct website, these new flavours come in this ratio for 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. 3mg strength comes in the 50vg/50PG ratio.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm clapton coil.

Rhubarb Crumble

Just by the title, it already sounds good to me. The flavour is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; the sharp tang of spring rhubarb is softened in this vape with the sweet deliciousness of the traditional British crumble. Expect a sweeter rhubarb hit on the initial inhale quickly followed by tanginess and finished off with the baked sweetness of crumble topping. The smell from the bottle is amazing. A  sweet-based Rhubarb smell alongside a definite crumble scent.

On the vape, the inhale brings a sweet and tangy Rhubarb flavour. A few seconds in and you get a nice rich crumble biscuit sitting alongside. The exhale brings a nice mixed flavour of the two, leading on to a pleasant Rhubarb after-taste. It’s a sweet juice but not too over-the-top for a good all day vape. I like the Rhubarb flavouring in this a lot and is nice to have something a bit different to other liquids.

My score: 8.8/10 – A great E-liquid rendition of a freshly cooked Rhubarb Crumble!

Crushed Candy

The flavour profile of Crushed Candy is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as a juicy blend of strawberries and watermelon sweetened with the surprise addition of bubblegum. Ideal for vapers who like fruity and sweet flavoured juices. On smelling from the bottle, it’s a fresh blast of Fruit. The Watermelon is mainly the pronounced scent so let’s see how it tastes.

On vaping, it’s a nice sweet blast of Fruity candy. Alike the scent, the Watermelon is mainly the leader on the inhale for me, but it mixes nicely alongside a sweet Strawberry as it goes on. The candy element to the juice is definitely from the Bubblegum taste, which pops out quite strongly sitting with the fruits. The after-taste leaves a nice fruity flavour. A sweet juice but good for an all day vape if you like your more sweeter E-liquids.

My score: 8.6/10 – One for the Fruit candy fans, but only if a Watermelon flavour is your thing!

Vanilla Tobacco

Onto a Tobacco-based E-liquid and this is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; combining the traditional tobacco taste with smooth vanilla, Vanilla Tobacco has a sweet element without being overpowering. Vanilla Tobacco is a great choice for vapers who like smooth tobacco flavours or who are looking for a gentle transition from tobacco to non-tobacco flavours. On having a smell from the bottle, it is a strong scent of Vanilla but there is definitely a Tobacco sitting there in amongst.

On the vape, it is a really smooth blend of a rich Vanilla with a nice Tobacco taste. The Tobacco isn’t an over-strong taste and blends very well with the Vanilla. The Vanilla also adds a touch of creaminess to the mix. This E-liquid is perfect for smokers looking to transition. I know some don’t opt to go straight for other flavours and still want that Tobacco taste, this bridges both nicely. This puts a Tobacco with Vanilla perfectly. It is great at a higher strength to give that Nicotine hit during the day and I’m actually going to put this in a pod device after review.

My score: 8.8/10 – A rich Vanilla blended nicely alongside a sweet Tobacco!


This flavour description is listed on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; a blend that fuses blackcurrant and summer fruits with the menthol blast that characterises many of Vampire Vape’s most popular flavours. This vape juice offers a sharper taste of berries followed by an icy cool hit. On having a smell from the bottle, the main scent seems to be a Blackcurrant, but you can really pick up on other fruits in there. Just from the scent, it is clear this is a really fruity mix.

On vaping, Catapult is a really fresh sweet taste. The leader is the Blackcurrant with some Berries sitting alongside. A few seconds into the inhale and you are met with an icy Menthol blast. This lasts into the exhale leaving a really icy fruit after-taste. This is a very nice E-liquid, but you need to like both Blackcurrant flavour and Menthol. The Menthol in this isn’t massively strong, it’s more to add to the flavours, but it’s definitely noticeable in there. If you like these flavours, it makes a decent all day vape.

My score: 8.6/10 – A cooling, refreshing Menthol Blackcurrant and Berry E-liquid.


The Charger flavour is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; combines a medley of red fruits and berries with citrus and aniseed. You’ll find lots of flavour in this new vape juice followed by a very satisfying after-taste. On smelling from the bottle, it is a fresh blast of fruits! The scent I get is mainly darker Berries and can definitely pick up the Citrus. There almost seems to be a fizz scent, which I’m guessing maybe down to the Aniseed in this.

On the vape, it is another Berry mix with a noticeable Aniseed taste alongside. The fruits taste more like a darker forest fruit and there is a hint of Menthol thrown in. It’s a sweet juice with plenty going on. It is very fruity, some nice cooling and the Aniseed flavour adds something else to the mix. I’m not the biggest fan of Aniseed in E-liquid but together with the other flavours, this works well. Don’t let the Aniseed put you off! There isn’t any synthetic taste to the vape and it leaves you with a nice fruity, with a hint of Aniseed, after-taste.

My score: 8.6/10 – A nice Berry fruits mix with a hint of Menthol and some Aniseed for a good blend.

All these E-liquids are very good and it’s clear will be good additions to the (already extensive) Vampire Vape range! You can pick any of these up from E-Cigarette Direct via the links within the review. Price is currently £3.99 for 10ml or you can take their current deal of 5 x 10ml bottles for £14.95. Don’t forget the free UK shipping on orders over £20.

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