Renova Zero by Vaporesso

Renova Zero Vaporesso

Back with a hardware review today on a small pod system, this is the Renova Zero by Vaporesso. Vaporesso has been in the vape hardware manufacturing game for years and is a leading brand name due to the quality of the products. They create some brilliant Mods, Kits and tanks. Today’s review covers one of their latest pod kits, so I’ll run through what it comes with and give you my thoughts on the Zero device.

The Packaging

Renova Zero BoxThe kit comes in a small rectangular cardboard box. The top of the box has a picture of the Zero with the text ‘Zero A New Beginning’ underneath. The left side of the box has printed ‘Renova Created by Vaporesso’ and the right side has printed graphics with info on the device. The bottom of the box includes a lot of information on the Zero device which includes specification, what the box contains, batch number, barcode and contact info for the manufacturer.

The outer carton of the box slides up to reveal the inner carton. Printed on both the top and bottom sides of this box is ‘Renova created by Vaporesso’. Each side of the inner carton contains printed paragraphs from Vaporesso explaining the company and device.

The Zero comes housed in plastic tray packaging and that lifts off to reveal a little box of accessories underneath. We’ll go through what comes in that now and then have a look at the device itself and how it runs.

What’s in the box?

Inside the little box of accessories is everything to get you going with the Renova Zero. You get one refillable pod that pushes into the top of the device. It would have been nice to have a spare pod, but these replaceable pods are cheap enough to buy. You cannot just change coils on these pods.

There is also a small refillable bottle in the box. The pod doesn’t have a stopper or bung to refill with E-liquid and is simply nozzle-pushed into the pod. The bottle is there in case your original E-liquid nozzle is too thick to fill and the refillable bottle also doubles up to carry your juice in a smaller bottle. This way you can refill easily on-the-go also.

Inside the box is also a nifty little USB charge cable, as well as a little user manual. You also get a little card explaining how to refill the pod, with power setting instruction of the device on the other side (you must read this as it explains the settings of the device). Inside a little black envelope is the warranty sheet and another little card with warning notices.

The Device

The Renova Zero is a small automatic draw device measuring just 8cms length and 3cms width. The front of the device has the ‘Zero’ title in White text above the power/settings button, which is situated at the bottom of the front panel. The other side of the device has the ‘Renova’ title, again in the White text. Each side of the Zero has thin mirrored panels as part of the design of the unit. On the base of the Zero is the micro USB charge port.

The refillable pod simply slots into the top and is held by magnets on the base of the pod.

It powers off a 650mAh built-in Li-ion battery and runs on Vaporesso’s Omni Board mini. The Zero has multiple protections and claims to be water resistant. To power the device on and off, you simply fast click the power/settings button 5 times. The light on the Zero is actually part of the power/settings button and lights 3 colours.

This device is quite unique in that you can actually set 3 levels of power. To do this, you fast click the button 3 times to set each power level. Green indicates the ‘High’ default level of 12.5 watts, Blue indicates ‘Medium’ level of 10.5 watts and Red indicates ‘Low’ power of 9 watts. The same colours also indicate the battery level while vaping, so you know when it needs a charge. Charging time is listed as 45 minutes.

The pods are very easy to fill with the push-to-fill function that does actually work without dripping E-liquid everywhere. They hold 2ml of E-liquid and it is said to replace the pods after 5 refills.

My thoughts

I have used the Renova Zero almost daily for a good few weeks now and find it a very nice little pod system. The design is smooth and very comfortable to use. It is probably one of the best ‘stealth vape’ devices I’ve used due to its size. It is very simple to use and that includes changing the wattage settings, although I have mostly left it on the ‘High’ option.

I’m not normally a fan of the automatic puff function on pod systems, but the Zero is actually very reactive on the draw and fires quick. Cloud production is okay and something you would expect for this sort of power. It is a very satisfying vape,  especially when using higher Nicotine E-liquids or Nictone salt based juice. The refillable pod handles both 50/50 and 70VG/30PG E-liquids well. The pod also produces quite a decent flavour, although I have mostly been using just Tobacco flavours in this.

The pods are easy to refill. The push-in to fill isn’t too fiddly and found that normal nozzle size on E-liquid bottles fits fine. You might want to use the supplied bottle to decant the smaller 10ml E-liquid bottles into, because of the smaller tip. A minor con is that it would have been nice to be supplied with a spare pod in the box. That way, you could have a separate flavour to switch over too without having to vape through the current pod.

The charge time for the device, listed as 45 minutes is pretty much spot on. It holds a decent charge too and found that with moderately vaping on high power, the battery would last a complete day no problem. Obviously, you can set the power level lower to get some more time out of it before the need to charge.

All in all, the Renova Zero is a great little device and definitely something to look at if you are in the market for a little stealthy pod device.

My score: 8.7/10 – A sleek-looking, well-designed Pod device with an option of power settings.

You can buy the Renova Zero by Vaporesso, direct from Vaporesso via the links at the start of the review. Alternatively, it is widely available at popular vape retail outlets online and I’ve found it is a fair price for what it is. The colour of my Zero is in Black but it is also sold in various colours, and more recently, in a few different designs.

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