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Wick Liquor E-liquids

Here is another range of E-liquids in a review today, and this is from UK brand; Wick Liquor. This 5 bottle range was supplied by popular vape vendor; E-Cigarette Direct. They have a website and a lot of walk-in stores within the UK. You can find this range of Wick Liquor on their website, along with many other brands and flavours of E-liquids. Shipping is quick and they offer free UK shipping on orders over £20.

The bottles I have for review are in 50ml short-fill bottles. These flavours are also available in large 150ml bottles, TPD compliant 10ml bottles and also a Nicotine salt 10ml option. I believe Wick Liquor also have CBD versions coming. There are actually 6 flavours now in this range, with a cooling version of ‘Contra’ just released. I have the original Contra in this range, so we’ll still get an idea of how that new one tastes.

So let’s see how they come and give them all a blast!

The Packaging

As mentioned above, these bottles that I have are the short-fill option (titled ‘Big Block’ by Wick Liquor). The bottles are clear plastic in 60ml size with 50ml of E-liquid, so there is enough room for a Nicotine shot. The bottles are good quality with a large black screw cap, which is child proof. The nozzles on the bottles (at least on the ones I have) make it very easy to add the Nicotine shots. They simply flip up leaving a hole in the top to pour in the shot. I did make things harder for myself by trying to break open with a screwdriver, which sent a snapped nozzle cap flying across the room before I worked it out.

The labels on the bottles are simple but classy-looking. The original flavours have a White label and the ‘cooled’ addition(s) are in a Black label. On the main front of the labels, a pattern borders the printed ‘Wick Liquor Ejuice co’ text, above the title of the E-liquid. The back side of the label includes printed ingredients, warnings, barcode, batch number, juice expiry and Wick Liquors contact information.

The E-liquid

The five E-liquids are titled Deja Voodoo, Conta, Boulevard, Boulevard Shattered and Carnival. The E-liquid’s in this range is in an 80VG/20PG ratio, so work best in a tank or RDA.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini Glass and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm Clapton coil.

Deja Voodoo

The flavour profile of Deja Voodoo is described as Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane. As far as flavour descriptions go, that is pretty unique! On smelling from the bottle, it is a fresh sweet scent and can pick up on Coconut in the background.

On the vape, you are first met with a smooth and sweet flavour, which must be the described Sugar Cane. There is an element of fruitiness, but not one major fruit stands out. It is more like a Parma Violet sweet taste. After the inhale and on the exhale, a smooth Coconut flavour pops through leaving a pleasant after-taste. There is a floral taste through it, but it is by no means a bad flavour, just quite different than the run-of-the-mill flavours on the market. I actually seem to taste more of the Coconut when drawing mouth-to-lung. With direct lung, it tastes more like Parma Violet sweets. A very unique flavour and an easy all day vape.

My score: 8.7/10 – Smooth Suger sweetness with a back-note of Coconut running alongside.


The flavour of Contra is described as Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote. I am still none the wiser of what it is after reading the description, but let’s see how this goes. On having a smell from the bottle, it is a fresh and fruity blast with a deepness to it. It actually smells like cutting open a fresh Peach.

On vaping, it is an amazing fresh fruity mix. To me,  the smell was quite deceiving as it doesn’t taste too much as it smells. The fruits are so hard to pick out as they are mixed so well, creating their own flavour as a whole. There is a Citrus taste going on which adds a nice tang to the fruits and gives somewhat of a fizz to the flavour. Like Deja Voodoo above, the flavour changes with mouth to lung and direct lung inhaling. It also changes as you go up and down on wattage. The blended Fruit is amazing and so perfectly made. There is a grape that I think pick out in there, but it is mixed well, it really has its own unique fruitiness. Sweet but definitely not overdone. A great all day vape.

My score: 8.8/10 – Citrus fruitiness blended so well to create its own taste!


I’m not sure if this is Wick Liquor’s most popular flavour but is definitely one I’ve seen most of over the last couple of years, despite having tasted it. The flavour is described as Mardi Gras fruit punch and fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp. The scent from the bottle is again a very unique smell. You can definitely pick up on the strong Berry but it smells so different to the usual Berry mixes.

On the vape, it’s a fresh sweet blast of Fruit. There is a definite Berry in there, but it just tastes so different to any other Berry mixes I’ve tried. It is so unique and the fruits are mixed perfectly, that it really becomes it’s own. The flavour is packed full in this E-liquid; sweet but easy for an all day vape. On the inhale, the Citrus hits first and then the mixed Berries start popping out, leaving a very fruity after-taste. A very complex unique flavour!

My score: 8.8/10 – A Citrus mixed Fruit punch flavour blended to perfection!

Boulevard Shattered

As above but with a nice cool blast sitting alongside that unique flavour. The coolness pops for me more on exhale and lingers on into the after-taste. What I do notice different in this mix, is a more pronounced darker Berry. Wick Liquor have done a great job adding this version as it really works with the cooling taste!

My score: 8.7/10 – Boulevard with a Menthol twist, but still a very smooth vape!


This Carnival E-liquid has a deep bronze-tinge colour compared to the other clear liquids in the range. The flavour is described as Santa Monica glazed dough rings and Cholo sugar skull cake. The smell coming from this made me save this one until last. I can pick up the strong scent of cake with a Sugar doughy smell. There also seems like a very light element of Fruit also on the scent.

On vaping, it’s a rich doughy flavour with a nice powdery Sugar alongside. On the inhale, you get a nice rich creamy Doughnut flavour and it blends nicely with a Suger taste on the exhale. It also leaves a very moreish aftertaste. The Doughnut in this isn’t just some cheap flavour thrown into the mix, you can tell a lot of time and mixing has been spent getting this flavour just right. There is a Vanilla taste in there that adds the creaminess, and there also seems to be some very slight fruity tones in the back-note. It’s rich and sweet, but easily an all day vape, or at the very least, a really nice flavour to vape in-between with a cuppa!

My score: 8.9/10 – A rich, fresh tasting Doughnut with added extras! Perfect Bakery-flavour vape.

To conclude, this range is outstanding! I had seen some of the flavours around since about 2016 but had totally overlooked trying them for whatever reason, and am now so glad I have. The flavours are all so complex and unique that it has possibly been the hardest juice review written on here so far. I was planning to cut the length of reviews back generally but couldn’t possibly start that on this range. They are like a gourmet of E-liquids and definitely something for a seasoned vaper looking for a change of taste to the usual. It is definitely a brand I will go back to.

You can pick up any of the Wick Liquor range via the links at the start of the review. At the time of writing, it seems E-Cigarette Direct haven’t got stock of all the Big Block bottles, but there are the 10ml versions available.

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