Lemon Lush by The Rochford Project

Lemon Lush The Rochford Project

An E-liquid review today which completes a brilliant range reviewed on the blog, this is Lemon Lush by The Rochford Project. The company is run by Jay, based in Essex, and he recently re-launched the flavours in new short-fill Chubby Gorilla V3 bottles. There are currently 6 flavours in the range which can be bought directly from The Rochford Project website. I’ve vaped this Lemon Lush flavour before since it’s initial release in 2016, so already know just how this tastes, but for the sake of the blog, let’s give it a blast!

The Bottle and Design

Lemon Lush is supplied in a 60ml bottle with 50ml of E-liquid, leaving enough space for a Nicotine shot. The bottle is clear plastic and wrapped in a black matte foil label. At the front of the label is ‘The Rochford Project’ at the top in a swirly White font. Under that is ‘Lemon Lush’ with the same font in a golden colour. At the bottom, in a White font is ‘Nicotine Free (Flavoured E-Liquid)’. At the back of the label is a golden panel with Black print inside. This covers the flavour profile, usual E-liquid warnings, how to add Nicotine and the ingredients. The Rochford Project’s contact and social media info are also printed here. Under the panel is the usual warning graphics and showing that its ’50ml’ and ‘0mg’ E-liquid in the bottle.

On top of the bottle is a Black screw cap with the child safety lock. Printed on the side of the screw cap is a batch number and expiry date of the E-liquid. The bottle is good quality and the label design is very clean and classy.

The E-liquid

This flavour is described on The Rochford Project’s website as; Lemon infused vanilla sponge cake, light and fluffy with a deep filled lemon cream filling. On top of this is a sweet lemon drizzle icing. On smelling from the bottle, it is a deep Lemon scent alongside a rich-smelling cake. You can even pick up on an Icing scent. The E-liquid colour is bronze so this is all steeped well and ready to go! The ratio of The Rochford Project range is 70VG/30PG.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm Clapton coil.

The Taste

On the vape, Lemon Lush is an amazingly moreish and rich Lemon Cake. On the inhale, you first get a deep Lemon taste alongside a rich Vanilla cake flavour. A second or so into inhale, an Icing flavour blends in around the Lemon and cake, leading nicely into the exhale and leaving a rich Lemon cake after-taste. Fans of Lemon will love this, but more so, those that like a nicely blended Cake flavoured E-liquid. Here in the UK, there is a very well known brand of cakes, that are sold in little slices. This Lemon Lush is so alike the Lemon version of those Cake slices with the Icing flavour this produces, alongside the Lemon and rich ‘almost moist’ cake flavour. I know this is an all day vape for some people, but for me, it’s something to pick up in-between due to the richness. Absolutely perfect to vape with a cup of tea!

My score: 9.3/10 – A moreish, rich but smooth Lemon cake mixed to perfection! This is a next level and unique-tasting Lemon cake E-liquid that first put The Rochford Project on the radar!

You can purchase Lemon Lush by The Rochford Project on their website via the links in the review. A 50ml short-fill bottle is currently £13.99. There is currently free UK shipping on all orders. Click the image below to see the current range by The Rochford Project and check out the rest of the range reviewed on the website HERE.

The Rochford Project Range

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