Clouder Club Subscription Box

Clouder Subscription Box

This is not really an E-liquid review today, but am having a look at a monthly vape subscription service. This subscription box is from Clouder, who are based in the UK.

For the vapers that don’t know how this works, you basically pay a monthly subscription and you receive a Clouder Club box every month containing different E-liquids. I’ve received a sample box from Clouder and while it isn’t worth reviewing each E-liquid (as these change month to month) I’ll have a look at what it comes with and the current subscription prices.

Clouder has over 2,000 active members to the monthly subscription box and you can pick your favourite flavours when joining. This way you end up with E-liquids that fit into your preferred profile. You can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription to Clouder Club at any time.

Current monthly prices for Clouder Club are:

  • Gold – £16.99 a month for 90ml of E-liquid (53% off retail prices)
  • Platinum – £26.99 a month for 180ml of E-liquid (63% off retail prices)
  • Diamond – £36.99 a month for 360ml of E-liquid (75% off retail prices)

There is a small delivery charge of £2.99 to add on top but there is a big saving on E-liquid. If you are a vaper that likes trying new juices or not sticking to the same E-liquids all of the time, this is a great service.

Clouder Club BoxThe Clouder Club sample box I have (pictured there right at the top) has 120ml of E-liquid (after adding the enclosed Nicotine shot to the short-fill bottle) so this is in-between the Gold and Platinum service. The E-liquids were all fruity and drink flavours and there were a couple of sweets in the box too. The Short-fill in the box was a nice mixed Berry flavour and the 10ml bottles included a ‘Blue Slushy’ flavour.

As well as the Clouder Club box, Clouder also offers a vape delivery service that can deliver E-liquid in an hour. This is mostly around London and some selected postcodes, which you can check on their website. The area of this may be quite limited but it is a good service to offer. I’m sure this must have helped vapers out in the past.

To sign up to the Clouder Club subscription box, visit the link here. Remember, you can tailor the monthly E-liquid to your flavour profile and can cancel at any time. It is definitely worth checking out if you are one for trying different brands and flavours!

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