Hexa V2.0 Pod Kit by Hexa

Hexa V2.0 Pod Kit

A hardware review today and it’s a pod system that is brand new out, this is the Hexa V2.0 Pod Kit by Hexa. This closed-pod device follows on from the original Hexa and is apparently more improved. This was supplied to me by popular UK vape vendor; E-Cigarette Direct. These folks have been in the vaping retail industry since 2008 and have a popular website and a string of UK-based shops.

The Hexa V2 has just gone live on their website at a special introductory price of £9.99 (usually £19.99) so have a read and see if this device is for you!

How it comes

Hexa V2 BoxThe Hexa V2 comes in a small neat presentation box with an outer carton. The box includes printed graphics of the Hexa V2 device, the Hexa logo, warnings and they’re ‘Complete your vaping experience’ slogan. There is also the printed barcode, expiry of the included pod inside and company contact details of Hexa.

Inside the box is very well presented too. In foam packing, is the Hexa V2 device and a tough chrome mini USB charging cable. To the side of that is the included foil-packed Pod, which is in Tobacco flavour (more about the pods soon). Also included inside the box is a small folded manual for the Hexa V2, which covers different languages. All the packaging is very smart and nicely presented.

The Hexa V2.0 Device

The Hexa V2 is a closed-pod device, so you do have to purchase pods for it. It doesn’t have a button and powers by automatic-puff. It is powered by a 350mAh internal battery and the device weighs in at just 17grams. The Hexa V2 is in a dark Grey colour with black highlights and has a single LED on the front. It is smoothly contoured giving a stylish look. There is a USB mini charge port that is situated on the bottom. The device is a perfect size at 10.7cms length (with the pod inserted) 1.9cms width and 1cm depth. Charge time for the Hexa V2 is listed at an hour.

The pod simply pushes into the top of the device snuggly and magnetically connects the 2 contacts on each unit. The LED lights up during the draw and when on a charge. A very simple, easy to use, no bells and whistles device. I will give you my thoughts about it after we’ll look at the Pods.

The Hexa V2.0 Pods

Hexa V2.0 PodsEach pod for the device is in a smoked tough plastic and carry 1.7ml of E-liquid. The top of the pod matches the device. Each pod has a printed expiry date of the E-liquid on the side. The pods are also marked as ‘Feelm inside’ as they use Feelm technology on the coils.

Currently, there are 6 flavours available for the Hexa V2 in either a 10mg or 20mg using Hexa’s own hybrid Nicotine salts. There are 2 pods enclosed in each box and the flavours are:

Tobacco; Tobacco with a smidge of Honey. The Honey more blends in giving sweetness to the Tobacco.
Tobacco Menthol; As above but with a cool Menthol, more pronounced on the exhale.
Menthol; A straight Menthol flavour and a very good vape for those into Menthols.
Blueberry; A fresh deep Blueberry flavour, full of flavour and a nice after-taste.
Dewy’s Raspberry Frost; A sweet Raspberry flavour that packs a punch with a hint of cooling mainly on the exhale.
Dewy’s Mango; A fresh, strong and ripe Mango flavour, my favourite of the current flavours.

My thoughts

I’ve used the Hexa V2.0 kit for a few weeks now daily. I’ve also tested each of the flavours at various times. It is easy to say that this Hexa V2.0 is the best closed-pod device I’ve used in recent years. I am not the biggest fan of auto-draw devices. I always feel that you have to puff a few times to get it going, but this Hexa ramps up instantly when puffing which gives a satisfying draw straight away.

It is a comfortable little stick device and slips in the pocket easily or you can opt to get a lanyard to always have it close by. The pod is sturdy and stays in the device well without dropping out. I’ve also had zero leaks from any of the pods during use.

The flavours for the Hexa V2 are made very well. Each flavour is strong and delivers a good Nicotine hit with a nice throat hit. I’ve tried so hard in the review to not make any comparison with the Juul (which I’ve also used quite regularly) but this Hexa V2.0 is so much better. Some of the Pod flavours are similar, but you get at least 4-5 times more flavour from the E-liquid used in the Hexa 2 pods. Each pod seems to last surprisingly well for 1.7ml in each one.

Hexa V2 at E-Cigarette DirectThe Hexa V2 is perfect for smokers looking to transition over to vaping and Hexa also push this in their advertising. It may not initially appeal as much to the more seasoned vapers, as it uses the closed-pods, but it is definitely worth looking at to supply a stealthy Nic-hit during the day. Cloud production is something you would expect from a small stick-type device and about the same as the smoke from a traditional Cigarette.

The battery lasts very well and I have been getting well over a full day out of it before it needs a charge. The battery recharges in about an hour.

An excellent little pod system that ticks all the boxes! I will continue to use this and plan on buying more pods when these are all finished. If you are looking to buy a pod device that uses its own pods, then this is definitely worth picking up!

My score: 9.1/10 – Easily the best closed-pod system currently on the market. Portable, easy to use, comfortable and a satisfying Nicotine hit.

As mentioned at the start of the review, you can currently pick up the Hexa V2.0 Kit from E-Cigarette Direct at the introductory price of £9.99. Even at the normal price of £19.99, it is definitely worth its tag. The links to the product pages are listed above. E-Cigarette Direct had an interview with Hexa at the UK Vaper Expo, which is shown below.

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