Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape

Blood Sukka Vampire Vape

An E-liquid review today and is another from a popular UK based brand, this is Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape. This was supplied by UK vape vendor; E-Cigarette Direct. They sell a large amount of the Vampire Vape flavours as well as other top brands of E-liquids. There is also a nice selection of vaping hardware including some decent pod systems. Shipping from them is very quick and currently offer free UK delivery on orders over £15.

I’ve reviewed quite a few of the Vampire Vape range this year, so let’s see how this Blood Sukka E-liquid tastes!

The Packaging

Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape comes in a TPD compliant 10ml bottle. There is a Purple child safety cap on top of the bottle. The label wraps the bottle with a Purple background with a printed ‘Vampire Vape’ title. Alongside is the logo of a cartoon-looking Vampire. On one side of the graphic is a ‘Made in the UK’ and the other side is the Nicotine strength of the E-liquid. Under the title and graphic is the printed flavour name. In a panel along the bottom of the label is a printed Nicotine warning.

On the right side of the label are the bar-code and the usual E-liquid warning graphics. On the left side is printed warnings and more information on the E-liquid. The label also peels back to reveal more printed text with more details of the E-liquid and Vampire Vape’s contact details.

The E-liquid

This flavour is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; Blood Sukka combines the taste of cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol. The colour of the E-liquid is Red via food colouring. On having a smell from the bottle, it’s definitely got a lot going on! I pick up on the Cherry, Red Berries and Eucalyptus mainly on the scent and it is a strong smelling E-liquid.

This bottle is in 50VG/50PG with 3mg Nicotine strength. You can order higher Nicotine versions at E-Cigarette Direct, which then comes in a 40VG/60PG ratio.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Recurve with 0.4 ohm Clapton coil.

The Taste

On the vape, Blood Sukka is a nice mix of fruits, a Eucalyptus Menthol and a kick of Aniseed. On the inhale, I first get a blend of Cherry mixed with Red Berries. A second or so in, you are hit with a twist of Aniseed, that blends in around the Fruit. The Eucalyptus and Menthol are alongside and kicks in more for me leading into the exhale. You are then left with a fruity Aniseed after-taste. This is a strong sweet juice with many flavours all popping out on the vape. If you are a vaper that likes E-liquids that are full of bite with an array of flavours, this is a good one!

My score: 8.6/10 – A strong E-liquid that packs a punch with so much going on!

You can buy Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape at E-Cigarette Direct from the links at the start of the review. The current price is £3.99 for a 10ml bottle, or you can pick up the deal of 5 x 10ml bottles at £14.95.

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