Heisenberg & Pinkman by Vampire Vape

Heisenberg Pinkman Vampire Vape

A double E-liquid review today with two of the most popular and talked about E-liquid’s from Vampire Vape. This is Heisenberg & Pinkman by Vampire Vape. These flavours continue to be really popular amongst vapers after many years since release. The E-liquids were supplied by UK vape vendor; E-Cigarette Direct.

These folks stock a very large amount of the Vampire Vape range along with many other top branded E-liquids. You can also pick up vaping hardware, including mods and pod systems at competitive prices, along with free UK delivery on orders over £15.

So let’s have a look at these two E-liquids!

The Packaging

These two flavours by Vampire Vape come in TPD compliant 10ml bottles. There is a Purple child safety cap on the top. A dark blue label wraps the bottle on Heisenberg and a dark Pink label on Pinkman. This has a printed ‘Vampire Vape’ title and their logo of a cartoon graphic of a Vampire. On one side of the graphic is a ‘Made in the UK’, and on the other side is the Nicotine level, which is in ’3mg’ for these bottles. Under the title and graphic is the printed flavour name of each E-liquid with ’70/30′ after, to show they are the higher VG versions. In a block along the whole bottom of the label, is the printed Nicotine warning.

On the right side of the label are the bar-code and warning graphics. The left side includes printed warnings and info on the E-liquid. The label also peels back on itself to reveal more information on the E-liquid and Vampire Vape’s contact details.

The E-liquids

Both Heisenberg and Pinkman are the ‘High VG’ versions. Normally these 10ml Vampire Vape juices are in 50/50 or 60/40 PG/VG ratio, but these are in the new higher 70 VG bottles. You can obviously still purchase these in the usual ratio’s too if you prefer higher PG for pod systems etc.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm Clapton coil.


This flavour is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; Heisenberg is without a doubt one of the UK’s most popular vape flavours, but there’s never been a high VG version – until now! Heisenberg High VG combines the mysterious fruit and menthol of the original flavour with a higher vegetable glycerine level.

This E-liquid has a light Blue colouring added. When you have a whiff from the bottle, its a very deep fruity smell along with Menthol cooling, which is quite a strong scent.

On the vape, Heisenberg is a cool blast filled with a fruity concoction. On inhale, I first get a blend of mixed fruits and a second or so in, a cool blast of minty Menthol jumps out. This blends well into the exhale and you are left with a fruity Menthol after-taste. The Menthol is pretty strong, but still very smooth and ices up the taste of the fruits. The throat hit is good without harshness and nice vapour production from the higher VG mix. It is a very unique fruity taste and can see why it is so popular.

My score: 8.7/10 – A  unique mixed fruity flavour with a good blast of coolness!


Pinkman is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; Second only to Heisenberg in its popularity, Pinkman has long been one of the favourites in the Vampire Vape range with its delicious medley of fruit flavours. Pinkman now comes with a high VG ratio which makes it ideal for vapers who prefer large clouds and a direct to lung hit.

This E-liquid has a light Red Pinky colouring added. The scent from the bottle I get is of mostly fruity Red Berries. It’s a sweet smelling juice with what I can only describe as a thickness to the scent.

On vaping, Pinkman is a sweet mix of fruits. I am getting mostly mixed Red Berries and a Citrus flavour on the inhale and leading into the exhale, I am picking up on a Cherry type flavour leaving a pleasant after-taste. It is a very nice blend of fruits mixed into a very unique flavour, which works brilliantly. The throat hit is good without harshness and although it is quite sweet with plenty going on, it is a smooth vape. It is a nice mixed fruit blend, perfect for Summer vaping!

It reminds me a lot of another Vampire Vape E-liquid reviewed earlier this month; Blood Sukka. I even tried Pinkman on the RDA alongside a few drips of Heisenberg, and it really works well together.

My score: 8.8/10 – Another fruity concoction with a pleasant clean taste. Definitely a hit for Fruit vapers!

Both of these are a very good couple of popular juices from Vampire Vape and if you are looking to try either Heisenberg or Pinkman, it’s best to go straight to the real deal and grab these two.

You can buy both Heisenberg and Pinkman by Vampire Vape at E-Cigarette Direct via the links at the start of the review. The high VG ratio of 70/30 (as reviewed) or the 50/50 (or 60PG/40VG in higher Nicotine) are £3.99 each for a 10ml bottle. There is also Nicotine Salt versions for the same price.

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