Sticky Strawberry Cake by Gloop

Sticky Strawberry Cake by Gloop

Today I am going to look at another E-liquid from a small range of short-fills by a UK brand, this is Sticky Strawberry Cake by Gloop. Gloop currently have 4 short-fill juice flavours and a few of the others were reviewed here last year. This was supplied by E-Cigarette Direct; a very popular vaping vendor based in Swansea. They have an extensive mail-order website, along with many walk-in vape shops. E-cigarette Direct stock top brands of E-liquids along with a nice selection of vaping hardware at good prices.

The Packaging

Gloop Sticky Strawberry Cake BoxGloop’s Sticky Strawberry Cake is 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml short-fill bottle supplied in a bright box. The box is Pink and has a Bakery-feel of cake Sprinkles on the background. The Gloop title has the appearance of a Pink frosted Donut with a graffiti style font face. This appears on the front of the box along with the ‘Awesome Sauce’ branding and the flavour title of ‘Sticky Strawberry Cake’.

On the back of the box is printed warnings and storage instructions. This is above the printed ingredients and contact information. The bottom of the box has a stock barcode and the top lid of the box has the flavour title, bottle size and indication that it is 0mg Nicotine.

The bottle is a clear 60ml chubby Gorilla short-fill bottle. A Pink label wraps the bottle with Cake Sprinkles graphics in the background that matches the outer box. This is behind the Gloop titled graffiti font that appears down the bottle above the flavour title. On the reverse of the label is printed cautions, ingredients and contact info. At the bottom is a batch code and ‘best before’ of the E-liquid.

A child safety screw cap is on top and this bottle has a handy feature of an easily removable top nozzle. This makes adding a Nicotine shot easy instead of struggling to remove the top cap with a pair of Pliers.

The E-liquid

The flavour profile of Sticky Strawberry Cake is quite self-explanatory but is described on the E-Cigarette Direct website as; a super moist strawberry cake that is heavy on the icing and just too damn tasty for its own good. The base ratio for the juice is 70VG/30PG.

I’ve had this flavour for a few months now and being in my flavour profile, I choose to save this one until the end of my current E-liquid review queue. The problem is, I couldn’t leave it sitting there and just had to vape it – it really is that good! This isn’t the first time I’ve tried it, in fact, I am now on my second bottle.

On smelling from the bottle, it’s a really moreish scent of a Strawberry mixed with a Sponge Cake. Just from the scent of the E-liquid, you can tell it is mixed well with no individual scent taking over the other.

Device used: Asmodus Minikin V2 and Wotofo Recurve RDA with 0.4 ohm Clapton coil.

The Flavour

On vaping, the flavour of Sticky Strawberry Cake lives up to its name. On the inhale, it is a nice blend of a subtle Strawberry alongside a Suger fresh-Sponge taste, that pops out more leading into the exhale. The aftertaste consists of a pleasant Strawberry cake flavour. No individual flavour is the leader in this E-liquid, the Strawberry matches the cake perfectly.

The winner for me in this E-liquid is that it isn’t too sweet in any way. Most Cake flavours out there are full of sweetener and far too rich to make a good all-day vape. This Sticky Strawberry Cake isn’t sweet and is very smooth making it a perfect all-day vape. The Strawberry isn’t over-powering and compliments the Cake well. There is a brand of small individual Cakes here in the UK (Mr.K) that has a Strawberry flavour; this tastes quite alike them in E-liquid form.

If you are looking for a Cake flavour to make an all-day vape, this is it! It is my favourite Strawberry-based vape at the moment and I don’t see anything that will replace it for a while. Some may say that it is a little too muted as it isn’t flooded with sweetener, but for me, that is its advantage.

My score: 9.4/10 – A moreish Strawberry Cake which is perfect as an all-day vape!

You can pick up Sticky Strawberry Cake by Gloop at E-Cigarette Direct by the links at the start of the review. A 50ml bottle is currently £12.99 or you can mix and match 2 x 50ml for £19.99 (which is a great option for this stuff). There is also free UK delivery online for orders over £15.

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