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Vaporesso Gen

I’m having a look at some hardware today that comes as a kit, this is the Gen by Vaporesso. Vaporesso originates from Hong Kong and has a very large back catalogue of Mod and Tanks. They have been a leading brand in the vaping industry for some years now and create some really good stuff. You can pick up this Gen kit at most good vape shops or do a search in Google if looking to buy online as it is currently widely avaliable. You can also check it out on Vaporesso’s new online store.

This ‘Gen’ mod by Vaporesso has been very popular with vapers recently. I’ll go through how it comes and give you my thoughts from vaping daily on it for more than a few weeks. Do keep in mind, this is the kit version that also includes the SKRR-S tank but you can also buy each seperately too.

What’s in the box?

Vaporesso Gen Kit BoxThe Gen kit comes in a slide-up Grey box with an image of the kit on the front. The text ‘Power isn’t just for the pros’ appears on the front over the image. The bottom of the box includes printed description of the Gen kit, what the box contains, specs on both the mod and tank, a scratch for authenticity panel, batch number and the barcode.

The side of the box includes 5 printed graphics with key features of the Gen mod. The bottom side includes Vaporesso’s contact details and website address.

Inside Vaporesso Gen Kit BoxInside the box, is the Gen mod and SKRR–S tank on the top in plastic box padding. This lifts off to reveal an accessory box underneath with the Vaporesso logo. There is a cut-out in that box which houses a spare glass for the SKRR-S tank. Inside the box contains a smart looking USB cable for firmware updates, a spare coil for the SKRR-S tank and a few spare o-rings.

The printed matter consists of a user manual for the Gen kit and a warranty leaflet inside an envelope. There is also a little sheet explaining how to check the sticker on the box for authenticity. The kit is very well presented with everything you need to get it started.

The Gen Mod

As you can see, my kit comes in Silver but you can also buy the Gen in Black and gradient versions of Red/Black and Blue/Black. The Vaporesso Gen runs on 2 x 18650 Batteries firing up to 220W and is a traditional style shapped box mod. It is quite a large but managable size for a box mod. It measures at just over 9cm length, just over 5cms wide with a depth of 2.7cms. The weight is very light for the size at just sort of 110grams without batteries. Once the batteries are in, it feels just as light, so it is very easy to transport around when out.

The material of the device is aluminium alloy but with the smooth textured design on each side, it almost feels like a rubber body. Vaporesso claim the unit is both scratch and flame resistant. The main body has a small ‘Vaporesso’ printed in Bronze and the other side has a small ‘V’ Vaporesso logo with Bronze background. The bottom of the Gen has printed ‘Gen’ in Bronze with the CE mark each side of the small battery vent holes. The top of the mod has the 510 connection situated in the middle with a bronze plate. The side plate simply lifts off to house the batteries and is held firmly by small strong magnetic plates.

Vaporesso Gen DisplayThe side of the Vaporesso Gen has the main display screen with 3 menu and up/down buttons underneath. Above the display is a nice clicking main power/fire button which is Bronze. Situated at the bottom is the USB port to update firmware should there be any updates released. The display has a nice brightness with a more traditional layout. It is an OLED screen showing power in larger font size in the middle. To the left is the current battery level, the resistance of the coil and last puff time. The other side indicates the current power setting that can be changed in the menu.

The Gen is powered by Vaporesso’s Axon chip which has shown to be a very decent chipset previously. The mod powers up by 5 clicks on the power/fire button and the same to power off the device. The menu button (situated between the up and down button) is 3 clicks to get into the menu settings screen. The menu system is very straightforward and user friendly.

There is Pulse mode (where Vaporesso’s Axon chip continually pulses to keep same power during puff), Power Eco mode (to save battery power), Smart TC and DIY mode. There is also a System Set option where you can display puffs and puff time (including reset), Brightness for the display, Flip display screen and Auto Eco mode.

On adding a tank or RDA to the Gen, the LCD displays ‘Scanning’ and then gives a very precise reading of the coil’s ohm resistance.

Some points that Vaporesso make about the Gen Mod:

1. The new Axon chip with new UI, functional but easy to understand and operate.
2. Innovative pulse mode which boosts throughout every inhale which delivery extra flavor and clouds.
3. Recognize the coils automatically, even the TC coils, just one step to set temperature control for you.
4. Power ECO mode helping with longer battery backup time.
5. DIY mode cover what you like for Omni Board 4.
6. 220W in a 107 gram body that feels smooth yet textured and durable.
7. 2.5A Fast Charging Fully charge in 60 minutes.

The SKRR-S Tank

SKRR-S TankThe Vaporesso SKRR-S tank (used previously in other kits and sold separately) is a stock coil, top-filling sub ohm tank. It has bottom adjustable airflow and a top filling cap that screws off. The size is an 8ml juice capacity with the fat glass. You can switch it out (as pictured) for the flush spare glass which is 5ml. The glass supplied may differ depending on laws in your country.

There are two different coil’s supplied and purchasable for the SKRR-S tank. The pre-installed coil is QF Meshed with a resistance of 0.2 ohm. The spare coil is a QF strip coil with resistance of 0.15 ohm. Both can happily run power of between 50-80 watts. The coils are made with natural flax fiber which boast rich flavour and long life. Vaporesso also claim that the tank has no spitback and is leakproof.

The mouth cap on the top is 810 size so can easily be changed should you prefer to use something different of the same connection.

My thoughts

I have been using the full kit daily since I received it and still choose to use it everyday. The Gen mod is so comfortable to use and while it is quite a large box, it is very light to carry around. There is a very traditional vaping feel to the Gen, it hasn’t any touchscreens or crazy light shows, which we’ve seen more of on mods of recent. The display is very easy to read and to navigate in the settings is very user friendly. The power can be changed by simply clicking the up and down buttons, setting your desired wattage.

I have found battery life to be very good when using the Gen. Obviously this is dependant on how good your 18650’s are, but I have found it doesn’t hammer the levels too much when using the mod at a respectable wattage. You can also switch the device to Eco mode only to get a bit more time from the batteries. The panel for the battery compartment is easy to use when changing batteries and it doesn’t slip off at all when carrying around.

The overall design of the Gen is very impressive, simple yet sleek looking. It is good that Vaporesso have gone back to the table and made a much more traditional-feeling mod that works very well. I have tried other tanks and RDA’s on the Gen and they all give a nice vape with a very precise resistance reading. I often watch Grimm Green‘s live vlog and he has said on more than a few occasions that the Gen is his best regulated mod of 2019 so far and I would have to agree.

The colours that Gen comes in look very tasteful. Although the silver might be the more plainer from the colours, I do prefer that it matches up well with any colour tank or RDA.

The SKRR-S tank is another impressive tank from Vaporesso and runs very well with the Gen. I often use the SKRR-S Mini that I reviewed some time back and it’s bigger brother in the SKRR-S is just as good while packing a bit more of a punch. The flavour that the SKRR-S gives, even at a lower wattage is very good. I’ve tried various flavours on each coil and they do provide great flavour on each E-liquid. Cloud production is also just as good. I prefer the more flushed glass on the tank but if you are looking for less refills, the chubby glass is good to go pre-installed.

The coils last very well and am still actually using the original coils supplied in the Gen kit.

To sum up, this is a really great kit and is another winner from Vaporesso. If you are in the market for a new mod that does the job well and a reliable tank that each doesn’t break the bank, get hold of this kit!

For more info or to check out more products from Vaporesso, check out their website https:\/\/

Thanks for reading!

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