Donut Blues by The Brews Bros

Donut Blues by The Brews Bros

An E-liquid review today with another UK brand, this is Donut Blues by The Brews Bros. These guys originate out of Lincoln, UK and have a good looking range of E-liquids. You can pick up the line of E-liquids on their website, alongside One-Shots and E-liquid DIY. Bottle size options for their range are in 10ml, 50ml short-fill and 250ml Brews Shots. All are in zero mg Nicotine. Let’s have a look at one of the flavours from the range; Donut Blues.

The Packaging

My bottle of Donut Blues is in the 10ml sample size. The bottle is smoked plastic with a black safety screw cap and wrapped in a sticky label. The label is a gradient Purple and has a graphic on the front of a Frosted Blueberry Donut, with Blueberries on each side. Coming out from the graphic is the title ‘Donut Blues’, below ‘The Brews Bros’ branding. At the bottom of the label is The Brews Bros printed social media info.

On the left side of the label in small White font is printed text with warnings when using E-liquid. To the right side of the label is again, printed text in small White font. This covers ingredients, Brew Bros contact info and their web address. Under that is a large warning graphic and to the side is printed ’10ml Nicotine Free’.

The E-liquid

The flavour profile of Donut Blues is described on The Brews Bros website as so;  Another sweet snack to add to The Brews Bros dessert e-liquid range. This one won’t give you the blues though. This time taking some blueberry and stuffing it right into a doughnut. What’s not to like about that?! This fluffy doughnut vape juice has been packed with fresh blueberries to achieve the smoothest pastry to fruit ratio you’ll ever find in an e-liquid, we promise! Perfectly iced with a dusting of sugar, and you’re ready to go. This is the third-course vape liquid you’ve been waiting for.

On having a smell from the bottle, I mainly get a very deep and creamy Blueberry scent. Donut Blues is in a base ratio of 70VG/30PG and is already steeped and ready to vape.

Device used: Vaporesso Gen and Wotofo Nudge 24 with 0.4 ohm Clapton build.

The Flavour

On the vape, Donut Blues is a really moreish mix of a deep Blueberry Jam along with a sweet and creamy Pastry Donut. One thing that hit me straight away was just how very well this is blended. The Blueberry isn’t overdone and the taste texture sits perfectly with the donut. I find some Donut flavours out there normally have more of a leader concentrate in the taste, but this is a perfect blend. That isn’t to say the Blueberry is muted, there is just enough of it to sit alongside the Donut and creams.

It is quite familiar to first get the taste of one flavour in the mix before another pops through further into inhale. With this E-liquid and on this current set up and wattage, I do not get that. Donut Blues stays consistent with mostly one blended flavour which I haven’t seen often before. The Blueberry, Creams and that really tasty Donut just stays in the flavour through the vape leading into a long-lasting sweet Blueberry after-taste.

Without The Brews Bros overloading the mix with Blueberry or sweetener, it is actually one of the Donut Dessert E-liquids around where you can really taste that deep rich Donut flavour. If both Blueberry or Desserts are your thing, this is a must-get! I’m not the biggest lover of Blueberry but from the first inhale, I knew this was a winner for me. This has the best Donut flavour I’ve had for a while. A perfect all day vape or something to switch to in-between.

My score: 8.9/10 – A perfectly mixed creamy rich Blueberry Donut. A very authentic-tasting E-liquid!

You can pick up Donut Blues from The Brews Bros via the links at the start of the review. Current prices are £7.99 for 50ml short-fill, £8.99 for the Brews Shot concentrate (just add your own base mix) and just £1.50 for the 10ml sample size. These are really great prices for this quality of E-liquid.

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