Podstick by Vaporesso

Podstick by Vaporesso

A hardware review today on a little refillable Pod device, this is the Podstick by Vaporesso. Vaporesso originates from China and has an impressive range of vaping hardware. They continue to release great looking devices and tanks that can be purchased directly from their new Vaporesso online store. You can also pick up the Vaporesso products from all leading vape shops or online in your country.

What’s in the box?

Vaporesso Podstick BoxThe Podstick by Vaporesso comes in a small cardboard box. An image of the Podstick is on the front with White text ‘The best of both worlds’ over the top. Under the image is the title text of ‘Vaporesso Podstick’. Below on the White panel is the ‘V’ Vaporesso logo.

The top of the box also includes the logo and the bottom contains printed Vaporesso contact details. One box side is blank and the other contains 4 key features of the Podstick with graphics.

The bottom of the Podstick box contains printed text including description, what the box contains and specification. Under that info is the scratch for authenticity sticker, the product bar-code, batch number and warning graphics.

Vaporesso has made the packaging very stylish and the box is sturdy to protect the product in transit. The top of the box simply slides off to reveal the contents inside.

Inside the box is the Podstick device protected in moulded plastic packaging. Underneath, is a White cardboard separator containing the accessories. The accessories consist of a tough little mini USB charge cable, a push-to-fill Vaporesso empty E-liquid bottle and a spare pod/coil. There is also the user manual, a quick instruction sheet, a sheet explaining how to check authenticity and the warranty in a little envelope.

Vaporesso Podstick Kit

The Podstick

The Podstick by Vaporesso is a small, compact, stylish, refillable pod kit. It measures in at 11cms length with an approx 2cm depth and thickness. It is a 900mAh internal battery running Vaporesso’s Omni board mini and has a 1A charging current. The Podstick has 2ml removable pods with the closed coil built-in (I’ll cover the pod and coils shortly).

There isn’t a screen on the Podstick, instead, there are 5 lights that show battery power which changes as the level goes down. These little lights run in sequence at the front of the device. Above the battery indicators is the main fire/power button in Gold. Below the five small indicators is ‘Podstick’ and ‘Vaporesso’ printed in Gold on the device. The reverse of the device has a small ‘V’ Vaporesso logo on a small Gold background at the bottom.

To switch the device on or off is simply 5 fast clicks on the fire/power button. You push the fire button to vape as there is not an automatic draw system on this device. The Podstick also runs on 3 different power levels. To change this, you fast click the fire button 3 times when the device is on.

The power levels depend on the coil used on the removable pod. The Blue light is the medium setting running 10.5 watts on the CCELL or 20 watts on the lower ohm meshed coil. The higher power shows a Green light and runs 12.5 watts on the CCELL coil and 22 watts on the meshed. Lower power lights up Red and is 9 watts on CCELL and 17 watts on the meshed coil.

The Vaporesso Podstick comes currently in various colour options. These are Silver, Black, Blue and Gold. There is also Phantom and Splashed colours if you prefer something a bit different from the standard colours.

The Podstick Pods

The Vaporesso Podstick works on semi-closed pods. It is an open pod system allowing E-liquid refills via the push-to-fill system that Vaporesso has implemented. The ‘semi-closed’ part comes in with the fixed coil. You cannot just replace the coil and have to buy the pods for either the different coil resistance.

There are two pods (coil types) available for the device. One is a 1.3-ohm mouth-to-lung CCELL and the other is a 0.6 ohm (more direct to lung) meshed coil. Both are supplied within the Podstick kit to get you started. Each pod has a 2ml E-liquid capacity. The pod is simply filled by sliding back the top to reveal the push-to-fill socket. Then, it is just a case of pushing in the nozzle of the E-liquid bottle and squeezing in the E-liquid. This is the same system as used on Vaporesso’s Renova Zero.

At the top of the slide-back cap is a fixed drip tip that is approx 1cm in length. The bottom of the pods has an aluminium plate with two contacts that easily just push into the Podstick device.

My Thoughts

I’ve used the Vaporesso Podstick daily for a few weeks as part of my set-ups and am very impressed with the kit. It is sleek-looking, very simple to use and gives a really good vape. I’ve tried both coils and am preferring it as a small mouth-to-lung set up with the higher ohm CCELL coil/pod. The 0.6-ohm meshed coil gives a nice vape also, I just find the direct-to-lung on the pod a little too restrictive. I even prefer using that coil as another mouth-to-lung option. Direct to lung does work with the lower ohm meshed but expect quite a restrictive draw.

The cloud production is something you would expect on a device of this size and the flavour is very impressive. I have tried Tobacco’s, fruits and Deserts in the pods, and each do taste exactly how they should. What works very well in the Podstick is 50/50 E-liquids with Nicotine salts or a higher freebase. I also tested some high VG juices and the coils seemed to cope fine and wicked well. The original pod/coils supplied are still going strong so I can say these do last a good while before you need to buy more.

I think the Podstick looks stylish and is comfortable to use. The lights on the device are nice and bright so you can see the battery level well and the LED is bright around the fire button. The light shows the colour of the current mode while firing. This Podstick would be perfect for smokers looking to switch to vaping as it gives such a satisfying mouth-to-lung vape. For seasoned vapers, it serves as a good stealthy small device that can give a nice Nicotine hit with either MTL or a restricted direct inhale. A good pod system also for the ‘Nic salt’ heads!

If you in the market for a little pod system that is easy to use and does everything it should, the Podstick by Vaporesso is definitely worth a second look.

You can pick up the Podstick kit by the link to Vaporesso at the start of the review or by searching online for shops carrying the kit in your country.

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