Strawberry Scream by Riot Squad

Strawberry Scream Riot Squad

An E-liquid review today and something quite fitting for Halloween, this is Strawberry Scream by Riot Squad. This was supplied by UK vape vendor; Galaxy Vape. They are based out of Darlington, England and have a webshop of many top brand E-liquids. There is also some vaping hardware and accessories and they offer free delivery on all orders over £30. Galaxy Vape supplied the blog this E-liquid, which surprisingly, I have never tasted before despite being a huge fan of Strawberry juices.

The Packaging

The Riot Squad ranges come in various sized bottles, but this one is in a 60ml short-fill bottle. There is 50ml of E-liquid in a 60ml size, so you can easily add a Nicotine shot. The bottle is a nice design, coming in a bullet-shaped bright Coral coloured soft plastic bottle.

On the front of the bottle printed in Black is the Riot Squad logo and title above the name of the E-liquid. Below that is printed details of the juice, ’50ml 70VG 30PG 0MG’. On each side of the bottle is printed information including warnings, ingredients, contact info and the Bar-code.

The top of the bottle includes a safety screw cap with a batch number printed on. It’s very stylish packaging and instantly recognisable as Riot Squad due to the design.

The E-liquid

The flavour profile of Strawberry Scream is described as; An outrageous strawberry jam that will wreak havoc on your taste buds, watch out for the soda edge that will leave you all fizzed up. On smelling from the bottle, this immediately whacks you in the face with full-on sweet Strawberry. I don’t pick up anything else by scent other than an all-out strong Strawberry. As mentioned, the base ratio for the E-liquid is 70VG/30PG before adding any Nicotine shots.

Device used: Geekvape Aegis X and Wotofo Recurve with 0.4 ohm Clapton coil.

The Flavour

On vaping, Strawberry Scream is a tasty sweet fruity Strawberry vape. On inhale and throughout, the Strawberry is the leader but there are also a few flavours sitting alongside complimenting the Strawberry. There is some slight creaminess which I notice more during exhale but I pick up more on some sort of Citrus notes in there. It is possibly a touch of Lime as I do compare the taste a little like a Twister Lolly during some puffs.

It is a greatly blended E-liquid and a very unique flavoured mix. A lot of Strawberry flavours are sometimes overdone with a lot of Cream that mute’s out the Strawberry, but this is totally different. It is sweet but not too much to stop it from being a good all-day vape.

My score: 8.7/10 – A very flavourful Strawberry E-liquid, light on the cream and more focus on the Fruits!

You can pick up Strawberry Scream by Riot Squad via the links to Galaxy Vape at the start of the review. The current price is just £9.99 for a 50ml short-fill which is a great price for this quality of juice.

Thanks for reading folks and have a Happy Halloween!

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