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A review today of a very different-looking pod device, this is the Click by Vaporesso. Every seasoned or hobbyist vaper knows of Vaporesso due to their vast catalogue of good quality Mods, tanks and pod devices. They originate out of China and have their own Vaporesso webshop with all of their current and new vaping hardware to purchase directly from them. You will also find Vaporesso products within vape shops in your country due to their popularity.

So let’s have a look at the Click which is a ‘Zippo’ styled mouth-to-lung pod device and something very unique-looking from other pod systems.

What’s in the box?

Vaporesso Click BoxThe Click by Vaporesso comes in a tough small cardboard box. The box is black with a white strip running across the bottom. On top of the box is a graphic of the Click device of the purchased colour. Over the top of the graphic is printed ‘Got You Covered’. Above the graphic is the title of ‘Vaporesso Click’. On the left side of the box is printed 4 main features of the device.

The bottom of the box has a printed description of the pod kit, specifications, what’s inside the box, a scratch authenticity QR label, bar-code and batch number. There is also the usual warning graphics under this.

The box slides up to open which reveals the Click device on top in moulded packing. This lifts out to show the accessories separated by a card. The Accessories are a spare sealed pod/coil, a mini USB charge cable and a push-to-fill bottle. The bottle is included just in case your E-liquid bottle nozzle doesn’t fit the pod to refill. Along with the accessories is a user manual, instructions on verifying QR code, a quick guide and a warranty card in a separate envelope.

The package presentation is nicely designed and includes all the bits to get you started with using the device.

Vaporesso Click & Accessories

The Click device and Pod

Vaporesso Open ClickThe Click by Vaporesso resembles a petrol lighter and even has a click-back lid. It is bigger than a Zippo lighter but is still a small device. The measurements are 8cms length, 4.6 cms width and 1.7cms depth. About 1/3 of the top clicks back to reveal the pod to vape from. It has a 2ml E-liquid capacity and powers from a 650mAh built-in battery.

The device has the ‘Vaporesso Click’ title printed on the lid with a ‘V’ Vaporesso emblem printed at the bottom on the other side. A little window to show E-liquid amount is in the middle on each side. The device has smooth edges with a few vent holes on the bottom. On the bottom side of the Click is the mini USB charge port, a small LED and one on/off/mode button.

To switch the Click on or off, it is 5 fast clicks of the small button. To vape, it is simply an automatic draw system. There are 3 power modes that can be changed by fast clicking the button 3 times. There is low, medium and high and each light a different colour (Red, Green and Blue) to show the power mode used. The 3 mode powers are 9watts, 10.5watts and 12.5watts on high power. There is also a battery indicator with the same colour sequence that lights while vaping, so you can easily see when it needs a charge. The Click charges on a 1A quick charge and charges the battery to full in 45 minutes.

Like all recent Vaporesso pod devices, the Click runs off the Vaporesso Omni Board Mini which has multiple protections.

Vaporesso Pod CoilThe refillable pods for the Click are closed in with the coil, so you do need to buy more pods when the coil gives up. There are two pods supplied in the box, both using 1.3-ohms Vaporesso’s CCELL Meshed coils. 50VG/50PG and 70VG/30PG E-liquids can be used and Vaporesso claims the pod will last five refills before changing. To fill the pod is easy, you simply push the bottle nozzle into the top of the push-to-fill port. You can even refill without having to take the pod out as it is situated at the top of the pod.

Vaporesso currently has 4 colours available for the Click, these are Metallic Grey (with a design), Silver, Bronze and Rainbow.

My thoughts

I’ve been using the Vaporesso Click daily for just under 2 weeks and while I first thought it was a bit of a gimmick, that soon changed. While some may think with it being a Zippo-style design, that it still has a connection to smoking, some might miss that Zippo-feeling and this will appeal to those people. Either way, it is nicely designed with smooth edges and an aluminium body. The latch on the lid also feels strong so I cannot see that easily getting broken.

For a stealthy pod device, it does not get much better. It slips into the pocket comfortably and the push-to-fill on the pod stops any E-liquid easily leaking while on the move. The device is also light and very comfortable in use while giving a clear indication of E-liquid levels via the small window on the Click.

The battery is very good and giving me over a day before needing a charge. Charge time is correct as per Vaporesso’s details giving a full charge in under an hour.

What changed my mind to my initial ‘gimmick’ reaction was how it vapes. This is a perfect mouth to lung vape and suits higher strength E-liquids or Nicotine Salts. The mouthpiece is very comfortable to use and the CCELL ceramic Meshed coil in the pod gives really good flavour. I was surprised at cloud production which is good for such a small MTL pod system and it gives a satisfying hit. Without being the biggest fan of auto-draw devices I found this was really well responsive to the puff. I am actually still using the same pod I started with so these do last well.

A little downside may be that you have to buy complete pods instead of changing the coil, but I do see that the pods are cheap enough to buy.

The Vaporesso Click is a brilliant little device, design-wise, it is something a bit unique for a pod system. The vape from it is very good and is definitely worth a purchase if you are looking for something small that gives a satisfying MTL vape.

Where to buy?

You can pick up the Vaporesso Click via the links to Vaporesso at the start of the review. You can also pick this up at a lot of vape stores in your country by doing a search online. The price is currently on average £25 here in the UK. That is a good price for a pod system with this look and function.

Note: The Click by Vaporesso may also be seen as a different title ‘Aurora Play’.

Thanks for reading!

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