The Kraken Range by Vape & Juice

Back after lockdown with a new E-liquid range for review today, this is The Kraken range by Vape & Juice. The brand will be familiar as Vape & Juice are a vape vendor running a popular website along with many walk-in stores. The website is well stocked with endless top brand vape supplies and E-liquids, at competitive prices and offer free fast delivery. You can also pick up some good bargains on their sales page.

The Kraken range is 5 different E-liquids all in the fruity Menthol flavour profile. They are currently all 100ml short-fill bottles. Each juice title is a colour of each flavour;
The Green – Absinthe, Lime and Ice.
The Purple – Grape, Watermelon and Menthol.
The Black – Blackcurrant, Aniseed and Menthol.
The Blue – Blue Ice Slush.
The Red – Cherry, Aniseed and Menthol.

I currently have 4 of the 5 for the review. I am missing ‘The Red’ which is a Cherry with Aniseed and Menthol.

The Packaging

Each one of The Kraken juices come in 100ml short-fills in a cardboard box. The colour of the boxes represents the colour flavour title of each E-liquid.

A graphic of a Pirate Octopuss appears on the front of the boxes, above the flavour title text and brief flavour profile of the E-liquid. ‘The Kraken Vape Juice’ title appears on the front of the box and on the top flap. The left side of the boxes includes printed instructions, warnings and ingredients. On the right side, includes printed details of each flavour, the ratio of the E-liquid and the size of 100ml. The backside of the boxes has printed cautions in different EU languages above the contact details of the Vape & Juice brand.

The Kraken range bottles are 120ml sized chubby Gorilla design with 100ml of E-liquid inside. Each bottle is in smoked soft plastic. A label wraps each flavour bottle with the same style as the box in the flavours colour. The same graphic appears on the front above the flavour name and profile. At the top is ‘The Kraken Vape Juice’ title. On the left side of the label is printed cautions and instructions and on the right is the title, juice ratio and more in-depth profile of the flavour.

The E-liquid

Each of The Kraken flavours is in a 70VG/30PG ratio prior to adding any Nicotine shots. As per the usual way, I’ll go through each E-liquid and sum up the flavour as best as I can.

Device used: Voopoo Drag 2 with Wotofo Recurve and 0.4 Clapton build.

The Green – Absinthe, Lime and Ice.

The Green is described as The unique and bold flavour of absinthe with an added fruity twist of lime. Both flavours are complemented by the refreshing blast of menthol upon exhale. I’m not the biggest fan of menthol but know it can work well in with fruits. On the smell, I get mostly a Lime with hints of Absinthe and mint. It’s a really fresh scent!

On vaping, The Green is a very cool tasting mix. On inhale, it is a nice zingy Lime blended beside a touch of Absinthe flavour. Sitting behind that is a fresh mint that marries the two together. Leading into exhale, more mintiness pops through and you’re left with a fresh aftertaste. The Menthol in this isn’t strong, you can still feel it on the throat, but it’s more hints of the mintiness running beside the Lime and Absinthe flavours. Don’t be put off by the Absinthe if you’re not a fan, it works well alongside the Lime.

My score: 8.6/10 – Nice Lime flavour beside notes of Absinthe, topped off with fresh Mintiness!

The Purple – Grape, Watermelon and Menthol.

The Purple is described as The taste of rich grape and deliciously juicy watermelon. Both of these flavours are complemented by the refreshing blast of menthol upon exhale. Having a smell from the bottle, it’s a nice mix of Grape and Watermelon. Just by the scent, I can tell this mix will pop with the fresh fruits.

On the vape, The Purple is a really nice tasting mix of Watermelon and Grape. These two are combined to create their own taste. You get the sweetness of a Melon and a nice hit of candy Grape alongside. The Menthol is light in this and more noticeable leading into the exhale. The grape sits mostly on the aftertaste. I like this juice despite not being a big fan of Watermelon flavour in E-liquid’s, as it works well with the Grape creating its own flavour.

My score: 8.7/10 – Grape and Watermelon blended brilliantly with a subtle Menthol kick.

The Black – Blackcurrant, Aniseed and Menthol.

The Black flavour profile is The taste of rich blackcurrant and aniseed. Both of these flavours are complemented by the refreshing blast of menthol upon exhale. This may have been the worst E-liquid to give me to try as it contains probably the 3 flavours I would be less likely to vape, but okay, I’ll jump on the fence and taste it as if I would vape it every day. When taking a smell from the bottle, it is a massive wallop of deep Blackcurrant, the aniseed is in there too and I’m sure the menthol will come once vaping.

On vaping, The Black is pretty intense flavours. On the inhale, its a very deep Blackcurrant with a blast of Aniseed. Alongside that is a powerful hit of Menthol that you can feel all through your airways! The Menthol hit works well with the other two flavours. The Aniseed more compliments the Blackcurrant, than overpower it, so don’t let that flavour put you off. One thing for sure is this isn’t a muted flavour at all and really packs a punch.

My score: 8.6/10 – Deep Blackcurrent alongside Aniseed with a big blast of cooling!

The Blue – Blue Ice Slush.

The Blue is described as The Blue rises from the depths of the ocean to bring you the delicious drink flavour that all vapers love. The refreshing taste of icy blue slush. So this is a good flavour that all seasoned vapers should know by now and on the smell, it confirms it, blue (Raspberry) slush puppy! Even this E-liquid is Blue in colour.

On the vape, The Blue is a nice fresh tasting Blue slush. The inhale is a deep cool fruity, mainly Raspberry taste and the exhale brings in more coolness to the flavour. It’s a hard liquid to explain to a vaper that hasn’t tried a Blue Slush mix, but its a real unique, albeit very popular flavour. This Kraken version is up there in terms of other brands. It’s full of flavour, a well-mixed blend without any flavour muting or synthetic taste. The Menthol is there but not overloaded, taking the lead from the fruitiness.

My score: 8.8/10 – A brilliant take on the popular Blue Slushie flavour! Raspberry and coolness blended very well.

On conclusion, The Kraken is a great range of E-liquids. The line includes some quite unique flavours and definitely E-liquids for fruit vapers and those that like hints of Menthol alongside. Each E-liquid is full of flavour without being oversweetened or harsh. They are also very well presented in its design and packaging. I did get some minor leakage from the top of a few of the bottles but that’s down to the bottle manufacturer and doesn’t affect the E-liquid or brand. The range gets a thumbs up from me and definitely worth checking out!

You can pick up The Kraken range via the links to Vape and Juice at the start of the review. At the time of writing, each E-liquid is priced at £19.99 for 100ml and you also get free shipping to the UK.

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