Jack the Dripper Salts Range by Vape & Juice

Review by BFG Hodson

Jack the Dripper  – Murderously good or just a hack and slash?

Picture the scene a dark dank alleyway stretches before you with tendrils of fog snatching at your ankles. From the flickering light of a gas lamp, a dark silhouette looms before with the bone-chilling words”……. The batteries have gone!” this was the dilemma I faced dear reader, my batteries were colder than one of Jack’s victims but this was easily remedied otherwise the soul curdling screams would have been mine as I surveyed four very interesting looking bottles from the Jack the Dripper salts range.

Before we start our wander through the dark dank alleyways of Whitechapel, you can find these nic salts at https:\/\/thevapereviews.com//thevapereviews.com//vapeandjuice.co.uk/collections/jack-the-dripper

Will you be visiting soon? The games afoot …….

Packaging…. So describe the body

Well, you can’t deny the Jack the Ripper theme is played for all its worth on the box. From the blood dripping font to the sinister top-hatted gent that peers over the nicotine warning, the parody is played full tilt. On the sides, clear age warnings, recycling marks, the information goes on and on.

On the 10ml bottle, The same image adorns the front with the flavour and strength underneath. The 50/50 VG/PG ratio is clearly marked on the rear along with safety instructions and a clear age warning. On the practical side, there’s a nice gap between the label wrap so you can easily see how much you have left. Big thumbs up for that from me.

Flavours….A tasty affair?

First up we have the suggestively titled Up all night.

Coffee!! Oh my goodness JACKPOT… for Jack may have been an archfiend but the title of caffeine fiend is mine, all mine, Mwa ha haaaaaa.

On the inhale you get a nice bittersweet coffee, but as you exhale this blooms into a rich milky almost chocolaty coffee. This is one of the better coffees I’ve had so far and doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste I’ve noticed on some coffee vapes, and even though this is 20mg (for I am weak and normally cough at such heady nicotine strengths) it’s smooth, very smooth.

There’s a hint of creaminess to this that reminds me more of coffee creamer than fresh cream, but I’m not complaining. Oh, I am a happy boy! What a start.

Next up Red Mist

Before we go any further let me explain I’m doing this blind, no descriptions, or expectations I’ve deliberately avoided the site so let’s see what happens….

With the name Red Mist, I’m expecting something along the lines of Red Astaire. Let’s get some fresh cotton in the Boosts RBA and see what happens.

As with any good thriller, a plot twist has occurred! Instead of aniseed, I’ve got oranges. Jack threw me off the scent!!

On the inhale, there’s a lovely orange with just a touch of lemon (I think), then on the exhale the oranges are joined by a spiced flavour, I want to say vanilla but there’s not the usual sweetness to it. Finally, there’s a hint of Raspberry that lingers and mingles giving a refreshing finish.

Well, you’re going to have to excuse me, I need to go and collect my socks, they just got blown across the room!

This is again a cracking flavour, and very different from what I expected. It’s subtle and complex flavours build from start to finish creating a very interesting and shifting vape that lifts it well above your average orange e-juice, and once again surprisingly smooth for its 20 mg strength.

Is the end in sight for old Jack?

Nope, there are two more flavours to try first before we’re done with our examination of Jack the Dripper.

The first of these is the classic Black Jack, mind I say classic but after the last plot twist who knows? Maybe old Jack has more twists and turns up his sleeve.

No! This is a good solid lead.

It’s the classic aniseed and liquorice sweet, this is right up my alley.

The aniseed hits immediately with a lovely back note of sweet black liquorice, this back note grows on the exhale giving the flavour I remember from my childhood.

This does exactly what it says on the bottle a delicious and classic hit of the childhood favourite. There are many many versions of this classic sweet and the Jack the Dripper version stands solidly against the competition.

The final flavour in this extravaganza of all things Jack the Dripper is Leather Apron.

Strawberry, a candied strawberry on the inhale with the sharpness of Kiwi growing as it flips to the exhale. If you like Strawberry / Kiwi this may be one to try. The sharp Kiwi definitely lifts the Strawberry giving a very pleasing vape.

I must admit not a flavour I would buy by choice but I could vape this occasionally. I’m just not a big fan of the strawberry kiwi combination, I used to be when I first started vaping but you can get too much of a good thing.

As with the Black Jack, there are lots of variations of this but again this is a good solid contender.

Summing up the evidence

Well, my learned friends, the evidence is clear Jack the Dripper is indeed guilty of producing horrifically delicious nic-salts. It may not have the glossy packaging of some ranges, but let me put it this way, you don’t vape the box.

These 50/50 VG/PG salts are a hidden gem and currently available for a criminal £9.99 for 3 over at www.vapeandjuice.co.uk

The two standouts for me are the coffee delights of Up All Night and the spicey orange of Red Mist both of which I’d give 8.5 out of 10.

The BlackJack with its aniseed and liquorice childhood memories gets 8 out of 10 while the Leather Apron gets a solid 7.5 out of 10

Jack the Dripper murderously good nic salts that deserve to be taken down from the shelves immediately, taken to your pod and vaped until empty.

Today’s review was by BFG Hodson, you can catch him over on The Soul Ohm Blog.

He also co-hosts a live show and podcast over on the Soul Ohm reviews channel, one of which is on a Sunday afternoon at 2pm and is well worth checking out!

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