DMC by Digbys

DMC by Digbys

Review by BFG Hodson

Digbys Mum’s custard my first time with a seasoned favourite!

Custard is one of those flavours that seem to evoke the tribe mentality, once you find a good one you stick to it and woe betide anyone who doesn’t appreciate your favourite creamy flavour.

I personally think this is because custard is one of those things that evoke memories, so when you find that flavour that reminds you of the thick vanilla-laced custard that was served with your Grandma’s apple pie, or that favourite of 80’s schools Mint Custard then it becomes something that reminds you of good times and a certain amount of comfort.

Its Custard but not as you know it…

Digbys have been around for a long time and Mum’s custard as I found to my surprise is one that a lot of people seem to have tried. Talking to friends I suddenly felt like I’d been missing out, why had I not heard of this before? Why had they not told me about this long-standing favourite? Is there a secret password that identifies fans of Digbys huge range of juices that only the initiated may whisper to gain the forbidden knowledge? Why did they all murmur “brown sugar”?

The description from Digbys shows that they have stuck as closely as possible to the pre TPD original (no mean feat) and comes in a range of short fills starting at a 50ml in a 60 ml gorilla style bottle.

According to the excellent website (well worth a visit), I should expect “Vanilla Custard with slowly simmered milk and brown sugar”, well at least that explains the murmuring.

Ok, now I’m intrigued. The 60/40 VG/PG ratio promises good cloud production and I’m hoping a solid flavour.

Knuckling down…

Opening the bottle, I didn’t get what I expected, the creamy vanilla scent was there but it wasn’t a sweet smell, there was almost like a dark toffee edge to it. This must be the fabled brown sugar, and suddenly any preconceived ideas are out of the window.

On the taste test, this is an adult custard, this is no standard accompaniment to a tasty pudding.   The vanilla is there but not overpowering, and there is a dark aftertaste as my first smell suggested that melds with the vanilla in a very pleasant manner indeed. Its almost like a crème caramel sort of taste.

I’m testing this on the Steam Crave Hadron and Ragnar in RDA mode, and to be honest the smell that wafts up as I test fire is making my mouth water.

On the inhale this is a smooth light custard, its creamy and the vanilla isn’t heavy, it’s there, but it’s not overpowering. As the vanilla begins to rise, pow! the brown sugar hits. This leaves an almost treacle toffee lingering aftertaste. It’s a complex flavour that I wouldn’t have expected had I just picked a bottle up based on the name.

The cloud production is good and the vape is rich and satisfying. The more I vape, the more this reminds me of a Crème Caramel. Not the dark bottom but that layer just above where the sauce has just begun to sink into the set custard. It’s complementary rather than taking over.

Having tried it I now understand why I got the response I did from my friends who had so selfishly kept this gem to themselves.

Just one wafer-thin mint…

Does Mum’s custard live up to the hype? Yes… but with a caveat. The brown sugar for me was a delicious twist but if you’re a fan of a more traditional custard flavour it may take it a little out of your comfort zone.

Personally, I think this deserves a solid 9 out of 10. The flavour is complex enough so it’s not going to become too sickly and that rich aftertaste is mouth-wateringly good. This is a perfect vape for me for this time of year, along with a cup of coffee and a blazing fire.

This is something special and it’s easy to see why the flavour has been selling for years and gained so many fans.

You can grab a bottle DMC alongside other great flavours over on the Digbys Juices website. The current price for a 50ml shortfill bottle is £9.99.

Today’s review was by BFG Hodson, you can catch him over on The Soul Ohm Blog.

He also co-hosts a live show and podcast over on the Soul Ohm reviews channel, one of which is on a Thursday evening at 7:30pm and is well worth checking out!

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