Strawberry by Kens Lemonade

Strawberry by Kens Lemonade

An E-liquid review today and this Strawberry by Kens Lemonade. This one is from a Lemonade range of E-liquids by the folks over at Vape Sales UK. They run a good website where you can pick up E-liquids and Vape hardware. There are also four walk-in stores based in England. Their prices are competitive with cheap shipping and also send internationally. There is a good blog on their website if you fancy checking out some vape news too.

Strawberry by Kens Lemonade is one part of a five E-liquid range of fruity Lemonade flavours. You can also pick up the concentrates if you want to mix these yourself. So let’s see how this comes and if it tastes any good.

The Packaging

Kens Lemonade Strawberry comes supplied in a 60ml short fill bottle with 50ml of E-liquid, so you can remove the top cap to add a Nicotine shot. The bottle is a smoked plastic Chubby Gorilla with a black safety screw cap on the top.

A Yellow label wraps the bottle featuring the branding and flavour on the front in nice fonts. Behind the titles is a cartoon illustration of Ken himself surrounded by Strawberries and Lemons. On the bottom of the label in small print are the warnings, ingredients, juice information and expiry date. Each side at the top of the label is printed warning graphics.

The label is appealing with its graphics and includes all the relevant info you’d expect on an E-liquid bottle.

The E-liquid

The flavour profile of Kens Strawberry Lemonade isn’t Rocket science to work out, but is described on the Vape Sales UK website as; A magnificent blend of zingy lemonade with the perfect amount of strawberries to give it an extra little boost. This E-liquid has a base ratio of 70VG/30PG prior to adding any Nic shots.

On having a whiff from the bottle, it is a zesty Lemonade scent with ripe Strawberry alongside. Both Strawberries and Lemonade are well within my preferred flavours so am keen to try this.

Device used: Vaporesso Gen S and Dead Rabbit V2 RDA with 0.4 Clapton build.

The Flavour

On the vape, Strawberry by Kens Lemonade is a well-blended Lemonade with Strawberry sitting nicely in-amongst. None of the two main flavours really overtake each other and remains a consistent flavour through both inhale and exhale. The Lemonade flavour is a nice zesty Lemon without being too over Citrus and the Strawberry tones are a juicy ripe Strawberry.

The flavour is a really nice refreshing taste blending both flavours perfectly. There isn’t any synthetic artificial taste to the E-liquid and is not over-sweetened, making it a great all day vape. The E-liquid reminds me a bit of Riot Squads Pink Grenade, which is a good thing, though this juice is heavier on the Strawberry tones. The flavour is that good, I will be ordering up some of the Fruit Lemonade soon from the range.

My score: 8.8/10 – A nicely balanced ripe Strawberry Lemonade flavour! Well done Kenneth!

You can pick up Strawberry by Kens Lemonade at Vape Sales UK on the links at the start of the review. The price is currently £9.99 for a 50ml with a free Nic shot or £14.99 for 100ml with two free Nic shots.

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