Luxe PM40 by Vaporesso

Vaporesso Luxe PM40

Another hardware review this week and this is the Luxe PM40 by Vaporesso. This is a new pod mod out from the folks over at Vaporesso who have been at the top of the game in vape products lately. They originate out of Hong Kong and have an international online store where you can buy all their products. You can obviously pick up the gear too at most vape shops within your region online or in-stores.

So let’s have a look at this Luxe PM40 and see if it impresses me as much as their XROS did last week.

The Packaging and What’s in the box?

Vaporesso Luxe PM40 BoxThe Luxe PM40 by Vaporesso comes in a slidey cardboard box in the colour matching the device. The front features the printed title and large graphic of the device beside four printed key features.

One side of the box includes the printed title and the other side has printed contact details and web address of Vaporesso (Smoore Technology).

The underside of the box includes printed specifications, the packing list, warnings, bar-code, batch number, and scratch to check authenticity panel.

Inside the box, on top is a cardboard panel including the printed matter. This has the user manual, warranty card, and QR code instructions leaflet. Underneath the cardboard panel has the Luxe PM40 device, a USB-C charge cable, a spare pod, and 2 x GTX mesh coils. One coil is rated 0.6 ohms and the other 0.8 ohms.

Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Box Contents

The Luxe PM40 Device

The Vaporesso Luxe PM40 is a small portable pod mod device with a built-in 1800mAh battery. It is a small mod measuring 9.6cms height, 3cms width, and a depth of 2.1cms. This device is in ‘Jade’ colour that is a marbled Green with a gold effect running through. This is on the front and reverse of the PM40. Running around that panelling is a gunmetal Gray alloy with ‘Vaporesso’ and ‘Luxe PM40’ etched at the top on each side.

The front of the device has the main power/fire button and on the reverse has an airflow control slider. On the left side of the device is some air slots with another on the right, above the 0.69″ OLED screen. Below the screen, as the bottom curves on the device, is the mini USB-C charge port. The very bottom of the device has printed ‘AXON Chip’ and a few other bits of info. The pod simply pushes into the top of the Luxe PM40.

Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Airflow SliderTo power on the device, it is simply five fast clicks of the button. There are no up or down buttons so wattage is set by fast clicking three times to unlock the device. You then press or hold the fire button to select the desired wattage. The wattage only goes upwards, so you have to scroll past the highest wattage to get back to the start. The screen lock automatically comes on once set. It powers from 5W-40W running on Vaporesso’s popular AXON chip.

The OLED screen on the side features all the necessary information. The current wattage is in the centre with a padlock symbol to show the setting is locked. The left side includes coil resistance above the puff counter. On the right includes the current battery level in percentage and battery icon. You can not reset the puff counter and the main button just controls power, wattage change, and firing of the unit.

Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Screen

The Luxe PM40 Pods

Vaporesso Luxe PM40 PodsVaporesso’s Luxe PM40 runs with an open refillable pod. The juice capacity of the pod is 4ml standard or the 2ml TPD version for Europe. The E-liquid is filled by simply pulling off the top black cap and filling via the juice port on the top.

The pod takes Vaporesso’s popular GTX coils. There are two coils supplied in the kit, both are GTX mesh. One is rated at 0.6 ohms and is best between 20-30W and the other coil is 0.8 ohms rated best between 12-20W.

Looking at the coil wattage for resistance, it seems Vaporesso went for the 0.8 ohms for the more open mouth to lung vape while the 0.6 ohms aimed at a restrictive direct to lung vape.

The replacement GTX coils are cheap enough at around £10 being the average price for a pack of 5 here in the UK. You can also get different resistance of 1.2 ohms if really wanting to take MTL vaping further with it.

My Thoughts

I’ve been using the Luxe PM40 daily for a week, along with a few other pod kits I am testing and it matches up pretty well. Cosmetically, it looks really nice and very smooth in use. It fits an average hand size perfectly and is obviously easy to slip into a pocket on the move (as much as someone can during the lockdown). It is very Smok Nord’esque and works much the same.

The Airflow control on the back works well, though I mostly just left it wide open when using both pods/coils. I opted mainly for a more open mouth to lung draw, though you can get a decent restricted direct draw on the lower coil with higher wattage. The GTX coils are decent coils giving good flavour and good enough clouds for the small device power. I’ve tested a few different liquids through the pods, and for me, it works much better with Fruit flavours. The flavour is decent enough with other E-liquids though and does the job. The coils wick 70/30 no problem, so don’t feel restricted to use 50/50 salt nic juices.

Settings for the Luxe PM40 are basic but very user friendly. You simply set the wattage by unlocking the setting by 3 fast clicks, then set the desired watts with the fire button. The lock will then set again after not pressing the button and you can then fire the device and vape. A small con to the settings is that there is no way to reset the puff counter. Although a minor flaw, it would have been nice to have a way to do it, even with just the one button. There is also no automatic draw function on the device.

The battery is very good at 1800mAh for such a little device and gives me more than a full day’s good use. Charging is very fast with the type-C USB lead.

Although the Luxe PM40 didn’t impress me as much as it’s skinny brother, the XROS, it is still a great little kit. It looks and feels sleek and has a very good battery life, even at the higher wattage it can handle. The flavour is good enough and after a week, both coils are still going strong without a drop in flavour.

Another decent little kit from the folks at Vaporesso!

You can pick up the Luxe PM40 by Vaporesso direct from them at the links at the start of the review. Current colour options are Jade (as reviewed above), Black, Carbon Fibre, Lava and Silver.

It should also be easy to pick up online within your country and you can always use VapeView to locate a store selling the kit.

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