Magma AIO by Famovape

Magma AIO by Famovape

Another pod kit review today, but something that looks very different to the rest. This is the Magma AIO by Famovape. These folks are a vape hardware manufacturer based out of China. They became more known recently with the success of the popular Magma Box mod. You can check out and buy the Famovape products on their website via the link above, or buy from many stores online internationally.

So, as usual, let’s see how the Magma AIO comes and how it vapes!

The Packaging and Whats in the Box?

Famovape Magma AIO BoxThe Magma AIO by Famovape comes in a cardboard box, with a see-through plastic window on top showing the device inside. Next to that is the usual large Nicotine warning. Above the device window is the ‘Magma AIO’ title.

The box has a colourful design in the background down one half of the top and spreading onto the sides. On the sides of the box features the printed title and Famovape branding.

On the bottom of the box includes another large printed Nicotine warning. Next to that is the printed package contents, warnings, Famovape’s contact info and the printed bar-code that includes the device colour inside.

Inside the slide-up box has the main Magma AIO device sitting in moulded packing. The Magma AIO has the empty pod attached. Next to the device in a separate packing cut-out is the USB type-C charge cable and two coils for the pod. One is rated at 1.2 ohms and the other a 0.4 ohms resistance.

Under the moulded plastic packing is a small user manual and warranty card from Famovape.

Famovape Magma AIO Inside Box

The Magma AIO Device

The Magma AIO by Famovape is a small, thin portable pod system with an internal 900 mAh battery. The device is very small and thin measuring just 8cms height, 5cms width and depth of just over 1cms. With the pod installed, the height over one side is 9.7cms. The Magma AIO fires from 5-40W depending on which coil is added to the pod. There is a Mouth to lung coil and a direct lung coil, which automatically set wattage depending on what one you use. More about the pod and coils in a minute.

Famovape’s Magma AIO has the title printed at the bottom of the back (or front depending on how you look at it) and the other side has a small 0.69′ OLED screen situated within the casing under the pod. On one side of the thin sides of the device has the main fire/power button and the other side has the up/down buttons. The bottom of the device has the USB type-C charge port. At the top is where the pod simply slides in and connects. Under where the pod is situated is an airflow control where you can turn to adjust the airflow.

The display screen shows the current wattage in a larger font with current coil resistance and voltage on the side. Beside that is the current battery level indicator. On switching on the device with 5 fast clicks, you are greeted with Famovape on the display screen. When switching off the Magma AIO, again 5 fast clicks, a ‘Bye Bye’ appears on the screen.

There are many different colour options currently available. There is Elegant Black, Dreamland (which is a multi-colour), Rainbow, Snow White (a sort of mixed Marble White), Fire Feather (a mixed Blue and Pink) and Dark Blue.

Magma AIO Kits

The Magma AIO Pods/Coils

Magma AIO Pod & CoilsThe pods running on the Magma AIO are a T-shape pod with a 2ml E-liquid capacity. It is an open pod so coils are replaceable. There are two different coils that fit the pod. A 1.2 ohms mouth to lung coil and a 0.4 ohms direct lung coil. Both coils are supplied in the kit.

To add the coil, you simply match up the printed arrow on the coil to the arrow printed on the pod and push the coil up into the bottom of the pod. You then fill or refill with E-liquid via an easy pull-out rubber bung on the side of the pod. The top of the pod has a drip tip that can rotate 360 degrees, so can move around on the device to your own vaping comfort.

The Magma AIO will limit the device automatically to the coil installed in the pod. If using the mouth to lung 1.2 ohms coil, you can set the wattage from 8W-15W. When using the 0.4 ohms direct lung coil, it is 20W-40W. The airflow adjustment is within the device that sits directly under the pod. The pod simply slides into the Magma AIO from the top and connects securely to the magnet connection.

My Thoughts

There is something that hit me straight away while getting the Magma AIO out of the box, and that was ‘Innovation’. In a saturated market of pod kits where everyone is creating their own version of the Voopoo Drag S/X (leather included), Famovape has brought something different to the vape market. For this sort of design, they have done a fantastic job!

Being a bit of an Apple sheep, I was immediately drawn to the IPhone’esque design and the elegant sleekness of the device. It is encased in shiny glass-type material on the front and back. Even the buttons on each of the alloy sides resemble the buttons on the Apple phone. The display screen is also just as impressive. You do not see the screen within the device until it is on, and then it shines through when in use on one side of the Magma AIO. There isn’t an automatic draw function so this fires with the button only.

Famovape Magma AIO Display

The vape on the Magma AIO is equally good. To think this little thing is the height and width roughly of a credit card and can push out 40W with the 0.4 coils is pretty amazing! I used two devices, each with different coils in each one for over a week and have been very happy with the vape. The flavour is good and produces ample cloud that you would expect on the wattage in use.

Despite being mostly a mouth to lung vaper these days, I found myself preferring the direct lung coil running on it. I’m not totally sure why? Whether its because other MTL pod devices can offer better flavour or if it’s because using this little thing as direct lung works amazingly well. Either way, in both options, you do get a great vape.

I pretty much just left the airflow fully open and it gives a very open mouth to lung draw. On direct lung, it’s actually not at all restricted for me. The airflow control is easy enough to set to your desired level even so.

The charging is fast in under an hour and I was getting a days use of the device before another charge. Obviously using it as a direct lung at higher wattage will run it down a lot quicker, but the battery life is generally very good.

All in all, a very, very impressive little kit. Looks outstanding, very comfortable and portable, while still giving a superb vape in both coil options. I know it wouldn’t come off as well in a ‘drop from height’ test against the Aegis pod, but also know the aesthetics and vape on the Magma AIO is far superior.

Top marks to Famovape from me!

You can pick up the Magma AIO from Famovape directly from the Famovape website here. The price is currently $39.99 (around £30). Vape stores are slowly starting to get stock of the product too, so search Google or check out Vapeview.

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